My “Done List”

Today began as a day to consist of actual scheduled events, oh how quickly that changed. I woke up at 7 to prepare for a photoshoot scheduled for noon but the photographer canceled due to illness. No biggie, ish happens. So with a full face of makeup and a full cup of coffee I sat down to catch the morning news and was bombarded with apocalyptic Al Roker weather updates.

Canceled photoshoot face.

Those bits of cheer coupled with the branches banging on the roof and windows quickly made me rethink my afternoon plans to drive solo dolo to Charlotte.  Just like that, a day that was to be go go from 7am to midnight in another state turned into me plopped on my mom’s couch in pajamas and an ass load of makeup.  Now it’s almost midnight and I’m reflecting on what would look like a complete unproductive day. But I’ve decided to flip my perspective and instead of focusing on what didn’t get checked off of my to do list, I’m going to make a “done list”. Even if I didn’t plan on getting these things done today, they’re still done.

1. Nap a lot. Check.

Beauty Sleep

2. Feed brain via Netflix between naps. Check.

I watched all of these documentaries today. No lie…

Enlighten Up!

The New Medicine

Egypt: Secrets of the Pharoahs

What Are Dreams?



Stress:  Portrait of a Killer

And the best one of all….a fascinating film:

What the Bleep Do We Really Know?

Thats right, 8 movies. BUT they were educational.

3. Make homeade veggie pizza ( inspired by Sarah). Check.

Not an actual photo of my pizza. It would be cooler if it was.

4. Catch up with a great friend and make plans with her for later this week. Yup. Love you Jess!!!

5. Hang out with my mom and my dog. Check.

6. Write awesome blog update…. Almost check.

7. Hang out with my awesome extended family (ok, so technically this was yesterday)

Ian, Rachel, Philip and me. Love the fam.