Day 2 of No Meat and Day 9 of Oil Cleansing Method: Updates!

So, in light of previous mentioned conversations with some close friends who have gone either vegetarian or Vegan (my one friend has been Vegetarian for 42 years!) I’ve decided to give myself a 2 week, no meat challenge.  Today is day 2.  I went out to eat last night with friends and had salad, edamame and habachi veggies.  It really hasn’t been difficult at all so far.  Although, I have been having to write “no meat” on my hand with a marker so I remember my new-found experiment.  It would be easy to accidentally slip back into the habit in these first couple of days.  So far, I haven’t noticed any major differences in how I feel or look.  I do feel good about challenging myself with something new though.

OCM Update:  My skin is still responding beautifully to the oil cleansing method!  It’s clearer and more toned and well moisturized without being overly oily.  I will continue to update and still caution against trying this yourself unless you’re down to use yourself as a guinea pig.  I’m still sort of afraid of some skin backlash to come.  If everything’s still great after a month, I’ll give my go-ahead.