Art Fart

I’m not a particularly “artistic” person in the traditional sense.  I can put paintbrush to canvas and manage to look like I’ve graduated elementary school.  I can even sketch a half way decent body form for fashion illustrations, but thus far that is about the extent of my traditionally artistic skills.  With that being said, I consider myself quite creative in a variety of ways and most importantly, I have an appreciation of all things beautiful!  Of course what qualifies as beautiful is up to the beholder and I do have a vaguely eclectic taste when it comes to art.  I fancy myself a bit of an amateur collector with no real education on the matter.  So far I’ve got some great thrift store finds and a couple of pieces that have been gifted.  But right now, I’m really crushing on Art Deco prints and galactic photos!!  Peep a few that are on the top of my wish list:


Trippy!  This is a costume sketch for a ballet…I think he’s supposed to be Vishnu, a Hindu God


Mother Earth…Love this!


Cool kids read lots!


I want this on a stretch canvas…sigh


Just to further validate my lust for the galactic shots…my most recent tattoo is of the Aquarius constellation.  I’m so fascinated by the night sky.

003Again…galaxy pants!


Can this be true?!  Unfathomably beautiful…

I’ve put a few memos out to loved ones about these illustrations and pictures, so maybe around Christmas time I’ll be sharing a photo of one of these little treasures hanging on my wall.

And last but not least a few shots from my life that I love…

Client, friend, hip hop artist We$ B and I on set of his photoshoot

Client, friend and hip hop artist We$ B and I on set of his photoshoot!

The grand prize winner of Saturday's car show.  The owner walked away with $1,000 cash and didn't even know there was a grand prize when he entered!!  I love this car, it's a Cadillac CTS.

The grand prize winner of Saturday’s car show. The owner walked away with $1,000 cash and didn’t even know there was a grand prize when he entered!! I love this car, it’s a Cadillac CTS.

Gorgeous interior.

Gorgeous interior.


That’s it for now, I’ll be sharing more soon.  Live inspired readers….it’s the only way to do it.  All my love, Katie G.


Taking Charlotte Fashion Week by Storm!

Hi friends! I’m wishing you a happy Saturday and am certainly enjoying one myself, thanks to a little exciting news.  Charlotte Fashion Week is quickly approaching and the powers that be have expressed a desire to feature my services in their exclusive swag bags!  The swag bags will be given to VIP attendees…check it out!

Image Consultant

I will also be working behind the scenes at CFW and will keep you guys posted on developments!  The shows kick off on September 10th.

xoxo-Katie G

WG Offers Personal Styling Services…Will Travel!

Good Saturday to you fine ladies and gentlemen.  I hope this post finds you in happy spirits and sexy shoes!  I am personally walking fine on cloud 9 after a great lunch with esteemed Image Consultant Elizabeth Rouprich of Visually Appealing LLC and am excited to announce that Whimsington Gardens will be sitting down to pick her well-coiffed brain next week for some Q&A!  I’ll be bringing you up close and personal information from a seasoned industry vet along with some great tips to incorporate into your own repertoire.  In keeping with the the theme of consultation, I’d like to remind you guys that I also offer personal styling services in a variety of packages.  Check out my selection here.  I’m located in Charlotte, NC currently but can and will happily travel! When I put my stylist’s hat on, I make it my top priority to dress you to your absolute best and most confident in an intriguing mix of your favorite classics and the season’s hottest trends.  Balance is key in any look.  Check out my rates or shoot me an email at  

Did someone say trends?  It’s no big surprise that denim is going to be hot for fall as I’m pretty sure it has been since Mr.Strauss himself hit the trouser lotto, but I was actually impressed with the more refined version of wide-legged jeans that are popping up in fashion reports from around the globe.  I’ll be copping mine and pairing them with body suits, platform boots and modernly minimalist makeup for fall.  



This pair is by MiH jeans.  Keep your eyes “wide” open for this one.  Stay fab, guys and gals.  Until next time…xoxo, KatieG