My Current Skincare Regimen


Back in October, I began using the OCM (oil cleansing method) for my face, specifically, castor and olive oil.  My hopes were to even out the tone of my skin and clear up some minor acne issues (check out the original post here:  I had some great immediate results with OCM; my skin-tone evened out nicely thanks to the added moisture and the castor oil pulled impurities to the surface for easy extraction.  Unfortunately, after a few weeks of using this cleansing method I realized that the oils were a little too heavy for my skin-type (combination/oily) and were causing some superficial clogged pores.  No cystic acne or even legit pimples, but copious clogged pores.  I decided to switch up my routine once again, but would like to point out that my mom is still having beautiful results from using OCM.  Maybe it’s more beneficial for mature skin-types.

I’ve now gone back to some old faithfuls in my bathroom cabinet and have added a few new potions to the arsenal.

The Gadget:  Clarisonic Mia:  This device is really pretty miraculous and the fact that it sat in my cabinet collecting dust for the past year is only a testament to my laziness.  The Mia delivers a deep clean, its bristles exfoliate my skin and the vibrations give me a mini-facial massage every time I use it.  Four Stars!

The Cleanser:  Cetaphil (generic brand):  I buy the knock-off version of Cetaphil from whatever drugstore I’m in at the time of need.  I find that the generic brands work equally well and cost a few less dollars.  Cetaphil is a very mild, non-foaming cleanser that works for all skin types and doesn’t irritate in the least!  I prefer non-foaming cleansers due to the fact that most foams are created by additives, usually chemical in nature.  I pair the Mia usage with a mild cleanser to avoid skin aggravation.

The Toner:  Witchhazel:  This is an excellent toner with minimal ingredients.  Using a swipe of this after I cleanse and before I moisturize makes me feel like I got that last bit of makeup off that my cleanser may have left behind.

The Masque:  Queen Heline Mint Julep Mask:  I’ve been using this for years and stand firmly by the product.  It’s super cheap, $4 for this huge bottle which lasts me at least 6 months.  I use the mask about once-a-week to pull impurities to the surface and banish excess oil.  The only downside is the smell…sort of sulfuric.

The Moisturizer:  Alaffia Neem and Shea Butter Face Recovery Cream:  This is a new product that I am loving!  Alaffia is a brand devoted to chemical free products with minimal ingredients and maximum effectiveness.  The two main ingredients are pure Shea Butter and Neem leaf extract.  The Neem leaf is popping up in all sorts of new products, from tooth paste to colon cleansers.  It’s a natural antibiotic which fits perfectly into my scheme to banish all acne!  I’ve been using this moisturizer for about 3 days and am seeing noticeable results.  My skin tone is very nice, my face is moisturized versus oily and blemishes are clearing up.  Fingers crossed for a miracle product here!

Old Faithful:  Vaseline:  For my lips, before and after I wash my face or brush my teeth.

Treatments:  Acne Clear and Menstrual Cramps and Irregularities by King Bio:  For about a week now, I’ve been using these herbal treatments for acne and hormone imbalances.  They’re water based herbal remedies that are administered through a spray bottle directly into the mouth…tastes just like water!  They’re prescribed 3 sprays a day, 3 times a day.  I can’t vouch for these yet, but am interested to see what sort of results they deliver!

In my 14 year search for wonder products for the skin, I find that it really is all about experimentation and discovering which combination of products works best for you.  Don’t give up searching and don’t beat yourself up for skin that isn’t magazine perfect…they’re airbrushed!


Day 2 of No Meat and Day 9 of Oil Cleansing Method: Updates!

So, in light of previous mentioned conversations with some close friends who have gone either vegetarian or Vegan (my one friend has been Vegetarian for 42 years!) I’ve decided to give myself a 2 week, no meat challenge.  Today is day 2.  I went out to eat last night with friends and had salad, edamame and habachi veggies.  It really hasn’t been difficult at all so far.  Although, I have been having to write “no meat” on my hand with a marker so I remember my new-found experiment.  It would be easy to accidentally slip back into the habit in these first couple of days.  So far, I haven’t noticed any major differences in how I feel or look.  I do feel good about challenging myself with something new though.

OCM Update:  My skin is still responding beautifully to the oil cleansing method!  It’s clearer and more toned and well moisturized without being overly oily.  I will continue to update and still caution against trying this yourself unless you’re down to use yourself as a guinea pig.  I’m still sort of afraid of some skin backlash to come.  If everything’s still great after a month, I’ll give my go-ahead.