Outfit Under $17…(excluding the shoes :)

In an attempt at modesty, I hate to say that I’m the best at anything.  But, I’m really really really good at putting together some outfits on the cheap.  It’s all in open-mindedness that leads to creativity, and Thrift Stores!  When you shop at thrift stores you have to be patient because there is so much crap to dig through, 98% of which you probably wouldn’t take for free.  Even when you do find something you like, you have to be careful not to buy it just because it’s really cheap.  If you only sort of like it when you buy it, you’re still going to sort of like it when you put it on to wear out.  Then you’re only going to sort of feel hot.  No thanks!  So…make sure you really want it.  Then buy it.  Feel really high because you just got something awesome (sometimes lots of awesome things) for a very small amount of money.  Once you get all of your stuff home and add it to the collection of other stuff, the fun really begins!  You get to mix and match all these different pieces and create so many different looks for so many different occasions.  So, I’m going to break down the above outfit into pieces and prices.  Yes, I’m completely telling on myself.  A lot of budget divas walking around want you to think their outfits cost like $500, but not me.  If it’s for the greater good, I’m bout it bout it.  And $15 or $500….I KNOW I’m flexin.  Ok, the anatomy of a thrift store outfit…minus the shoes.

My scarf is not a thrift find, it’s a teeny bopper mall store find:  $4

My shirt was stolen from my brother’s closet and reconstructed:  $Free

My sweater was from le thrift store:  $4.50

Favorite jeans so tight they might be leggings from le thrift store:  $8

Boom!  $16.50 Bi@tch.

For shoes, pair it with a pair of pumps that doesn’t quite match.  Like mine are a snake skin print that I purposely chose to clash/match with my scarf which is leopard print.  But the colors are the same!

Hope you like it and are inspired to save some money and mix up some outfits.  Unless you’re ballin.  In that case, give to charity.  Thanks!