Behind the Scenes…SHE:Columbia Fashion Show

I just finished walking in the first of two fashion shows this weekend for SHE: Columbia.  The show went so smoothly thanks to perfect chemistry with my walk partner and some hard workin’ dressers!  Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the event:

Our dressing rack

Our dressing rack

The lovely models.  I'm on the far right.

The lovely models. I’m on the far right.

Our dressers.  What would we have done without these girls!?  Mine is the fabulous tall blonde in the middle.

Our dressers. What would we have done without these girls!? Mine is the fabulous tall blonde in the middle.

Myself on the right and my walk partner Ashley on the left!

Myself on the right and my walk partner Ashley on the left!

Perfecting her gait...

Perfecting her gait…

More fresh clothes and fab girls.

More fresh clothes and fab girls.

My partner and I were the show openers, which was a tad nerve-racking, but nothing that some breathing techniques couldn’t conquer.  Once we hit the stage, all went smooth as could be and my partner and I hit every step. #Whew!!

The gorgeous clothes were provided by local Columbia, South Carolina boutiques VanJean, Bohemian, Pink Sorbet and Petal.  Tomorrow we are doing a duplicate show at 1pm…can’t wait!  For more information on SHE:Columbia, check out my previous post here.


SHE Columbia: The Ultimate Girls’ Weekend

This weekend, The Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center is hosting SHE Columbia:  The Ultimate Girls’ Weekend.  The weekend long event will feature fashion, beauty, entertainment and dining experiences for all attendants, but especially for the beautiful women of Columbia, South Carolina.  I’m happy to announce that I will be walking in two of their runway shows:  The Shop Tart Loves Fashion Shows (one on Saturday and one on Sunday).  #Excited!!


The following information is pulled from their event site:

What Is SHE?

A celebration of everything woman . . . three days of fashion, beauty, cooking, entertaining, crafts,  healthy living  and shopping.

Who Is SHE for?

Your best girlfriend, your next-door neighbor, your boss, your Mom, YOU!

Where Is SHE?

At the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center in Columbia, SC, February 8-10, 2013!

SHE highlights six aspects of women’s lives:

  • Style:  Fashion shows, beauty makeovers and design to make you dazzle.
  • Crave:  Delectable food and beverage tastings and demonstrations by top local chefs.
  • Entertain: Invitations, décor, menus and floral arrangements for a fabulous fete.
  • Create: Arts and crafts to soothe your psyche and enhance your surroundings.
  • Live: Presentations to help you improve your health, fitness and spiritual peace.
  • Care: Community and charity.

If you are interested in attending this multi-faceted event, there is a great deal on tickets right now via Living Social.  Tickets will be $8 at the door but if you purchase them through Living Social you can get 2 for the price of 1.  Follow the white rabbit:

Peace ❤ and Pixie Dust…

Scott Southall: Mad Genious Polaroid Photographer

I had the privilege of shooting with a great photographer on Sunday afternoon and want to share some of the shots with y’all.  This is my second shoot with Scott Southall and he just keeps getting better with time.  Scott shoots a lot of Polaroids as well as traditional film (you know…the kind that actually has to be developed…pretty foreign in this digital age).  I have the Polaroids in, but will be waiting a couple of weeks for the traditional shots.

katie 6

katie 5

kat 4

kat 1

My favorite

kat 3

Karlie Kloss: Supermodel


The time has come to feature the lovely mug of Karlie Kloss, considering how much it haunts my magazine pages.  I haven’t heard a model’s name this much since Gisele Bundchen hit the scene in the late 90’s, and I must admit that I haven’t quite jumped on board with the same zeal as I did with the Brazilian bombshell back in the day.  But, respect must be given where it is due and Karlie has certainly taken the fashion world by storm, capturing the imaginations of elite designer after elite designer.  Editorial spreads,  fashion shows, and ad campaigns are abounding with no sign of slowing down.


Karlie is a 6’1, 20-year-old native of Chicago, IL.  She signed with NEXT Model Management in 2008 and went on to walk in 31 New York Fashion Week shows that year as well as 20 in Milan and 13 in Paris.  There’s been no looking back for Karlie as she continues to rack up credentials and clout, on the verge of becoming a household name.  Being the current darling of Vogue Magazine doesn’t hurt matters either…I nearly counted how many times she was pictured in my January Vogue, but decided it would be too tedious.  I’d estimate at least 30 appearances in that edition alone, no exaggeration.  With 4 strong years in the spotlight, it’s almost inevitable that she run into some sort of public scandal, which happened a few months ago in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, when Karlie was dressed in VS’s “November” lingerie get-up.  AKA the FSU mascot.  For the story on that, check out my previous post, here:

Karlie Kloss in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Karlie Kloss in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Karlie attributes much of her grace on the runway and in front of the camera to her classical ballet training.  Tyra Banks called her one of her favorite models thanks to her “unusual and atypical beauty.”  Ok, Karlie…do ya thang girl!  I wish her the same success in her next 20 years!