Launch Day for Warby Parker-Fall 2014 Collection

Hi Gorgeous.  It’s me, WG.  And I was wondering…How’s your vision?

If you’re one my fashionably bespectacled  readers, then *cue Beyonce voice* shawty shawty let me UPgrade you via Warby Parker’s Fall 2014 eyeglasses collection, Released TODAY!

After being contacted by their marketing team, I had the honor of previewing this collection last week, before it hit the market.  Though not a glasses wearer, I appreciate a good pair and am finding myself impressed with their sleek designs for both men and women.  Their marketing materials aren’t too bad either.  Peep some of the looks below:



Before I get into my personal thoughts on the Fall 14′ line, here is what Warby Parker has to say about it themselves:

“Personality is what makes a good pair of glasses great.  Our Fall Collection is for those who own their style, exercise their wit and add life to the party.  We’re introducing nine new shapes-which means there’s a signature look for everyone in the room.  For the bold, we created three clever styles in crystal.  For the polished professionals, we updated three hardworking acetate frames with titanium temples.  And for the folks who really mean business, we designed a handful of angular silhouettes.  Two new hues were also added to the mix:  Striped Pacific and Petal Tortoise.  The first is a streaked combination of rich, seaworthy blues; the second is a painterly mix of soft pinks and earthy browns.  Fall 2014 is available September 3 online at and in stores and showrooms; frames starting at $95.”

I fully encourage you guys to view the entire Fall 14′ Collection at but for now I’m going to focus on two of my favorite styles from the release.

Chandler Ti WomenThis is the Chandler Ti pair in English Oak.  From what I can see, the design is the same for both women and men.  The price starts at $145, including prescription lenses.  And Warby Parker’s site has this really cool “virtual try-on” feature which allows you to see how the frames will look on your lovely face via your computer’s/phone’s camera.  There is even a “Home Try-On” feature which seems to mean a trial run with your favorite pair of specs.  The lines on this Chandler Ti pair are stunning but what I love most is the color and finish.  The Chandler Ti  isn’t for the meek, and I’m visualizing it with a messy top-bun and Barbie pink lip on myself.  I wish they sold non-prescription glasses for those of us who just want to make a fashion statement.

Annette WomenThis pair is for my ladies!  The “Annette” does have a more conservative design style, but that gorgeous color still manages to make a big statement.  “Annette” comes in the shade “Petal Tortoise” which is a brand new hue for Warby Parker, introduced in their Fall 14′ line.  I think this pair is absolutely gorgeous, soft and perfect for Fall.  The frames will perfectly compliment a medium to small face, which is why I would personally opt for the Chandler Ti pair to balance out my chubby cheeks. “Annette” starts at $95.

Here is a visual idea of how I see myself in either of these pairs….for some reason they’re making me feel really cozy.  That, and the fact that I’m penning this in Starbucks where Pumpkin Spice is in the air.  I’m feeling a soft but chic sweater dress paired with comfortably stylish pink ballet flats to bring out the shades in both pairs of glasses.  Finished off with a blue nail, pink lip and messy top-bun.  I can’t imagine anything feeling more put-together yet casual.

T by Alexander Wang

T by Alexander Wang

Ballet Flats

Joie Temple ballet flats


Nails by Katie G

Back to the Glasses:

Guys, I’ve been glasses shopping with my Dear Ol’ Dad before and these prices seem really reasonable and wow are they swaggy.  The “Virtual Try-On” and “Home Try-On” options are cutting edge and their website is super user-friendly.  And I saved the best for last…

“For every pair sold-we are going to distribute a pair to someone in need through our non-profit partners.”  ~Warby Parker

Now that’s swag with soul.  They got swoul.


Whimsington Gardens is Back, With a New Edition!

Well hello, loves! It has been ever so long and there’s no viable excuse for my absence so I won’t even attempt one. How’s about an apology instead? I’m sorry and I’ve truly missed you and the thrill and community of the WG experience. I hope the last ten months have treated you magically well and I’m happy to share that they’ve gifted me with a treasure chest of life experiences: Ups, downs and many peaceful moments of balance between the two. Though it seems peace and balance are going to require a new level of zen coming up in a few months, because guess WHAT? I’m having a little baby in December. A baby boy, rumored to be delivered on Christmas Day, to be exact. So what better way to kick off my return to the blogosphere than with a small post in tribute to my new found appreciation of maternity fashions?

Here are a few of my recent hits and a preview of one I’d like to add to my arsenal very soon.

So my mom had the really cool idea to throw me a gender reveal party last week. She knew the gender of the baby while myself and the rest of my family had no idea! She made a cake that was gender neutral from the outside, but was filled with blue candies on the inside! It was a very casual event, but I still wanted to be stylish for the inevitable photo-ops that arose.
Reebok maternity

I wanted to keep it casual and comfortable, but chose to mix denims and add a punch of color with my vintage Reebok’s.  These are still my pre-pregnancy clothes.  I’m using the rubber band trick to make my pants fit at the waist, but the time to go shopping for stretchy pants is looming very near around the corner.

Oh, and the cake?  You ask…

Gender Cake 1




It was an amazing night with my family, and guys, I was extremely nervous before cutting the cake.  I am not entirely sure why since I had no preference as to the gender, but for whatever reason I could hardly cut into it thanks to a case of the jitters.


Back to fashion, here is today’s outfit.  Again these are still my pre-pregnancy clothes but I’m finding that rubber banding the button of my bluejeans is giving me much longer wear from them.  And many of my shirts have been pregnancy conducive thus far.  But I have another growth spurt right around the corner, so I’m enjoying these former life clothes while I still can.


photo(7)I have to be a cool mom!  I’m not ready for mom jeans, hence the ripped and frayed black jeans.  Leopard has never failed me and I love to pair my brown booties with black pants.  It’s probably not quite as taboo too mix the  shades as in the past, but I still feel like I’m making a statement when I mix black and brown.  My shoulders are still angular even if the rest of my body isn’t, so spotlighting them certainly helps to lengthen and slim my look.

Oh and this bun and bold lip?  Get used to it.  Never one to spend too much time on my beauty routine, I’m sure that motherhood will only serve to strengthen this personal conviction.  There’s nothing like a quick, chic, bone structure emphasizing up-do and a bold lip to speed up that morning routine.  And there’s something to be said for a signature look…Anna Wintour anyone?

Next up is my baby shower, still a few months away, but what’s wrong with a little wardrobe planning?  I’m visualizing a chic romper and so far this one is my pick!  It’s shockingly affordable, to boot…

Maternity Romper

Cute or what?  I’d rock this baby without a, well…baby.

Well folks, that’s all for now.  I’m off to grub some calories, happily on my way to that pregnancy 30-40 big ones that my midwife keeps warning me about.  YOLO!  Until next time, it’s good to be back.

BLUE is my Color

Hi Guys!  It’s been a little while…11 days to be exact.  Sorry for the absence; life has had me in its grip but I must say I’ve been enjoying the ride.  So, here’s a what’s been going on in my world type of post to be followed shortly by a fashion feature.

Peep my accessories for the day…and my makeup less mug!  I’ve been going sans war paint a lot more recently, except at work where I feel I owe it to my patrons to look alive.

photo (59)I’m steady rocking my L-O-V-E necklace but layered it with a shades of green statement necklace today.  The ring was a gift from my grandmother when I was a wee little elementary schooler.  My baseball bracelet is a rally bracelet for the Boys in Blue to pull out the win tonight and tie the NLCS up with the Cardinals.  And you can barely see them, but I’m wearing my Clemson Tiger paw earrings.  Beat BC!

photo (57)

Speaking of The Boys in Blue…Go Dodgers!!

photo (63)

Oh yeah…we about this life!  Naked face power!!

photo (64)My dad, my bro and myself rolled into opening night at the SC State Fair on Wednesday!  It was opening night with $1 admissions. This is the one shot I got before leaving my phone in the car…speaking of car…

photo (54)

New wheels!  2014 VW Jetta!  Exciting Stuff…

photo (55)A shot of her pretty lil’ face.  She doesn’t have a name yet…but the fore runner is Mrs. Kemp!  Even though Matt Kemp is out for the season, he is still just the finest!!

Matt Kemp

Ain’t he?  Oh my….

Be back soon with some sartorial thoughts and visuals!  xoxo-Katie


Art Fart

I’m not a particularly “artistic” person in the traditional sense.  I can put paintbrush to canvas and manage to look like I’ve graduated elementary school.  I can even sketch a half way decent body form for fashion illustrations, but thus far that is about the extent of my traditionally artistic skills.  With that being said, I consider myself quite creative in a variety of ways and most importantly, I have an appreciation of all things beautiful!  Of course what qualifies as beautiful is up to the beholder and I do have a vaguely eclectic taste when it comes to art.  I fancy myself a bit of an amateur collector with no real education on the matter.  So far I’ve got some great thrift store finds and a couple of pieces that have been gifted.  But right now, I’m really crushing on Art Deco prints and galactic photos!!  Peep a few that are on the top of my wish list:


Trippy!  This is a costume sketch for a ballet…I think he’s supposed to be Vishnu, a Hindu God


Mother Earth…Love this!


Cool kids read lots!


I want this on a stretch canvas…sigh


Just to further validate my lust for the galactic shots…my most recent tattoo is of the Aquarius constellation.  I’m so fascinated by the night sky.

003Again…galaxy pants!


Can this be true?!  Unfathomably beautiful…

I’ve put a few memos out to loved ones about these illustrations and pictures, so maybe around Christmas time I’ll be sharing a photo of one of these little treasures hanging on my wall.

And last but not least a few shots from my life that I love…

Client, friend, hip hop artist We$ B and I on set of his photoshoot

Client, friend and hip hop artist We$ B and I on set of his photoshoot!

The grand prize winner of Saturday's car show.  The owner walked away with $1,000 cash and didn't even know there was a grand prize when he entered!!  I love this car, it's a Cadillac CTS.

The grand prize winner of Saturday’s car show. The owner walked away with $1,000 cash and didn’t even know there was a grand prize when he entered!! I love this car, it’s a Cadillac CTS.

Gorgeous interior.

Gorgeous interior.


That’s it for now, I’ll be sharing more soon.  Live inspired readers….it’s the only way to do it.  All my love, Katie G.

What’s on my Mind? Thanks for Asking…

Ello, Ello!  How’s it going out there?  Today I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on…events of past, events to come, inspirational tidbits, music….Life.

I recently sat in on a photoshoot with my client, We$ B, Columbia SC hip-hop artist…he and his crew were shooting promotional photos for upcoming releases across the board.  I always enjoy spending time with musicians in general, being surrounded by brewing creativity is very very inspiring and energizing.  Yeah.  Here are a couple of snaps that were taken that night…


We$ B and I…mugging for the camera. 🙂


I know that’s right. This nail color is still my favorite.

In other, extremely exciting news….Drake’s new album came out yesterday.  Rejoice!!

Nothing was the same

I haven’t been out to purchase the actual disk yet, but have listened to every song online.  I’m looking forward to actually hearing the songs in order on the album and being able to pop it in the cd deck.  Riding out to Drake will be the trend for Fall, believe that.  The songs are good, the usual Drake tempo, beats and song/rap 1.2.punch.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Thanks hubby!!

My roomie is throwing a huge car and bike show, drag race and party on Saturday.  I’ll be there chilling out and helping out…


But now the question remains…what to wear?  I’ll be doing a lot of hiking up and down the length of the track and I’ll be out in the elements all day.  From noon until nightfall.  It’s supposed to be SC sunny and maybe a little chilly in the evening.  I just started playing around in the closet this afternoon and so far this is an outfit choice I have put together…



Everything needs to be ironed, but as you can see and I’m mixing prints and neutral shades with punches of color.  What you’re looking at is  a leopard print cropped sweater to be worn beneath a light-weight grey cardigan/shawl.  The bottoms will be floral print camo clam diggers.  A green statement necklace unites the bottom half of the ensemble with the top.  Some knock-off leopard print (alternate print from the cropped sweater) Toms to tie back in with the sweater and a bright orange bag with gold hardware brings it all to life.  Earrings and bracelets will be gold.  This is what I’m working with on Thursday afternoon…there’s no telling what this outfit will have turned into by Saturday morning.

This is what my bed looks like this far into the decision making process…


Speaking of my room, I’m crushing on my room décor right now…here’s an exclusive peek at some of the decoration details…


Nose in a book


BOY London shades, from the coolest guru there ever was.

I keep hot tea by me

I keep hot tea by me

An heirloom from my matches my throw.  She really had timeless style and grace.

An heirloom from my grandmother…it matches my throw. She really had timeless style and grace.


Desk area


tiny details

Ok, that’s it for my room…

Out in the fashion sphere I want to give big props to a new blog I just discovered and clearly I’m late to jump on the bandwagon…This Time Tomorrow is on Fiyah!!  Gorgeous blog.  Check it out.

This Time Tomorrow

This is Krystal…author of This Time Tomorrow

I feel like I have more I want to share with you guys, so I’ll probably be back on later tonight.