What’s on my Mind? Thanks for Asking…

Ello, Ello!  How’s it going out there?  Today I’ve got a lot to catch you guys up on…events of past, events to come, inspirational tidbits, music….Life.

I recently sat in on a photoshoot with my client, We$ B, Columbia SC hip-hop artist…he and his crew were shooting promotional photos for upcoming releases across the board.  I always enjoy spending time with musicians in general, being surrounded by brewing creativity is very very inspiring and energizing.  Yeah.  Here are a couple of snaps that were taken that night…


We$ B and I…mugging for the camera. 🙂


I know that’s right. This nail color is still my favorite.

In other, extremely exciting news….Drake’s new album came out yesterday.  Rejoice!!

Nothing was the same

I haven’t been out to purchase the actual disk yet, but have listened to every song online.  I’m looking forward to actually hearing the songs in order on the album and being able to pop it in the cd deck.  Riding out to Drake will be the trend for Fall, believe that.  The songs are good, the usual Drake tempo, beats and song/rap 1.2.punch.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Thanks hubby!!

My roomie is throwing a huge car and bike show, drag race and party on Saturday.  I’ll be there chilling out and helping out…


But now the question remains…what to wear?  I’ll be doing a lot of hiking up and down the length of the track and I’ll be out in the elements all day.  From noon until nightfall.  It’s supposed to be SC sunny and maybe a little chilly in the evening.  I just started playing around in the closet this afternoon and so far this is an outfit choice I have put together…



Everything needs to be ironed, but as you can see and I’m mixing prints and neutral shades with punches of color.  What you’re looking at is  a leopard print cropped sweater to be worn beneath a light-weight grey cardigan/shawl.  The bottoms will be floral print camo clam diggers.  A green statement necklace unites the bottom half of the ensemble with the top.  Some knock-off leopard print (alternate print from the cropped sweater) Toms to tie back in with the sweater and a bright orange bag with gold hardware brings it all to life.  Earrings and bracelets will be gold.  This is what I’m working with on Thursday afternoon…there’s no telling what this outfit will have turned into by Saturday morning.

This is what my bed looks like this far into the decision making process…


Speaking of my room, I’m crushing on my room décor right now…here’s an exclusive peek at some of the decoration details…


Nose in a book


BOY London shades, from the coolest guru there ever was.

I keep hot tea by me

I keep hot tea by me

An heirloom from my grandmother...it matches my throw.  She really had timeless style and grace.

An heirloom from my grandmother…it matches my throw. She really had timeless style and grace.


Desk area


tiny details

Ok, that’s it for my room…

Out in the fashion sphere I want to give big props to a new blog I just discovered and clearly I’m late to jump on the bandwagon…This Time Tomorrow is on Fiyah!!  Gorgeous blog.  Check it out.

This Time Tomorrow

This is Krystal…author of This Time Tomorrow

I feel like I have more I want to share with you guys, so I’ll probably be back on later tonight.



Hair to Where?

I’m obsessed with bleach blonde bobs…it’s only a matter of time.  A short time…pun intended!

Lil Debbie



Lil Debbie hair

Beyonce new hair


It’s all the rage.


Tres Bien!

I now have every Wednesday evening to look very much forward to.  Last night I began Conversational French at Amelie’s, a magical French bakery.  Every time I darken the doors of Amelie’s, I get the feeling I’ve fallen down the white rabbit hole and landed in Never Never Land..French class was fun, intellectually stimulating and not least of all, delicious!!  Pastries and coffee were included, and of course I will be dressing for the occasion.  Peep some pics from yesterday…

Notes, Chocolate and Coffee....heaven.

Notes, Chocolate and Coffee….heaven.


Classe de Francais

Classe de Francais



BOY, London specs.

BOY, London specs.