Yesterday’s Fall Haul; Check Out What I’ll Be Accessorizing With in the Coming Months!

Yesterday's Fall Haul!

I’m in DIRE need of new handbags.  I know all fashionistas feel this way, pretty much at all times.  But it was an emergency.  I have one bag that I’ve been using as a go-to…ONE!  And a quilted black purse that I use for the evenings.  It was getting embarrassing and increasingly difficult to call myself a stylist and fashion blogger while maintaining a straight face.  But have no fear, this has been remedied!  It’s my advice to always have a good brown/neutral bag in your wardrobe along with a black bag and a trendy  statement purse.  So I restocked on all three last night and added an emerald statement necklace (two trends in one!), a chunky gold bracelet and a LOVE necklace to my wardrobe.  My grand-total…wait for it…$85!!! And that’s including shipping and handling!  This leaves room in my budget for a pair of black biker boots next!  Until then, you can find me obsessively stalking my UPS tracking number until this pretty little package arrives at my doorstep.


xoxo-Katie G


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