Soda Shop Flex…I’m Feeling Retro

So I’ve got a vintage style photo shoot coming up soon with a Columbia, SC area hip hop artist.  I love supporting local musicians and I love themed photo shoots…I get to flex my personality a little more in the themed shoots and usually have a bit of say in the actual styling of the shoot itself as well as my wardrobe.  For this particular shoot, the artist wants a vintage glamour theme and envisions me in a vintage style dress.  I’ve been doing some net surfing this morning, to get a feel for what is out there in the retro fashion culture since it’s not my typical style.  I’m finding some looks I love and am hypothesizing that a few elements of this style are going to incorporate themselves into my repertoire. Here’s what I’m working with so far…all from

vintage 6


vintage 7


vintage 5

Vintage 4


Vintage 3


Vintage 2




vintage 9


vintage 8


vintage 10


What do you guys think?  I’m intrigued by folks who adopt vintage/retro as their personal style.  I typically find these folks to have a keen eye for well put together, structured looks.  If this reflects your personal style, email me some pics to be featured on Whimsington Gardens at





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