Zada Jane’s and Jamaica Dreams

Hey Guys.  Here’s hoping that your Thursday has been lovely.  Mine certainly has.  I have the day off today and slept in.  I hit a local restaurant around 11 and proceeded to fall absolutely in love.  I was smitten as soon as I hit the doorway and judging from the look on the hostesses face, I think it was showing in my expression.  After I picked my bottom lip up, I ordered some slammin’ Amaretto Frech toast paired with orange butter and topped with toasted almonds.  Soysage was my side.  It was delicious and even the coffee was above standard.

photo (26)

Super Cool Vibes!

Yeah, the color scheme and vibes are pretty similar to Bordeaux’s Louisiana Kitchen, the last restaurant I posted about.  This place was a little funkier and artsier, though!  What can I say…I know my niche.

Zada Janes french toast


After a yummy (lets be honest…)brunch, my friend and I walked up and down Central Ave which had many delights to discover.  Two antique stores, two thrift clothing stores, a head shop and a Reggae speciality shop?  The vibes were surging!!!  My find of the day, which hasn’t found its way to my closet yet….but Will. Be. Mine.  is this bathing suit:

photo (25)


Is it me, or what?

Until next time, guys….all the love in the world!




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