Color Stacking with Prabal Gurung: Fall 2013

I’m highly inspired by Prabal Gurungs F/W 2013 collection.  Utilitarian, menswear inspired, color-stacking and furry fabulousness ensues below…

Prabal Gurung










No, No Mr. Gurung…here’s to YOU!

xoxo-Katie G


Taking Charlotte Fashion Week by Storm!

Hi friends! I’m wishing you a happy Saturday and am certainly enjoying one myself, thanks to a little exciting news.  Charlotte Fashion Week is quickly approaching and the powers that be have expressed a desire to feature my services in their exclusive swag bags!  The swag bags will be given to VIP attendees…check it out!

Image Consultant

I will also be working behind the scenes at CFW and will keep you guys posted on developments!  The shows kick off on September 10th.

xoxo-Katie G

Queen Bey’s New Hair: Will She Create the Biggest Hair Trend Since “The Rachel”?

Since Day 1, and I mean “Bills, Bills, Bills” Day 1…Beyonce has been rocking some long blonde weaves.  Whether as micro braids, long wavy locks or box braids…long hair don’t care has always been her MO.  Which is why it was so refreshingly shocking to catch her with two new short cuts in the last week.  She initially debuted a blonde pixie on Instagram and within a few days had added some extensions to create an angled bob.  I am completely smitten y’all!  Maybe it has a little to do with my 15 year long infatuation with the singer, dancer, actress, model and general superhero goddess woman, but do you agree that this cut completely fits her gorgeous oval face and gives her a more sophisticated air?  I’m fighting the urge to be a complete STAN (stalker/fan) right now and head to the salon.  I was considering going back ombre and keeping my locks long for winter, but Bey’s bold jump into the unknown is inspiring me to take a risk too!  Check her out below!

The initial pixie cut

The initial pixie cut


Beyonce new hair

The finished product



Yesterday’s Fall Haul; Check Out What I’ll Be Accessorizing With in the Coming Months!

Yesterday's Fall Haul!

I’m in DIRE need of new handbags.  I know all fashionistas feel this way, pretty much at all times.  But it was an emergency.  I have one bag that I’ve been using as a go-to…ONE!  And a quilted black purse that I use for the evenings.  It was getting embarrassing and increasingly difficult to call myself a stylist and fashion blogger while maintaining a straight face.  But have no fear, this has been remedied!  It’s my advice to always have a good brown/neutral bag in your wardrobe along with a black bag and a trendy  statement purse.  So I restocked on all three last night and added an emerald statement necklace (two trends in one!), a chunky gold bracelet and a LOVE necklace to my wardrobe.  My grand-total…wait for it…$85!!! And that’s including shipping and handling!  This leaves room in my budget for a pair of black biker boots next!  Until then, you can find me obsessively stalking my UPS tracking number until this pretty little package arrives at my doorstep.


xoxo-Katie G

Proportionally Correct: Wednesday’s Wardrobe

photo (35)


In regards to the elements, do I really need a long black sweater today?  Nooo….but I  want it to be Fall already, and it’s just cloudy enough to pull off this look without looking insane.  Although looking insane has never bothered me too much.  Today I’m rocking my camo pants, cuffed because I like to play with proportions.  I’m wearing then with a champagne collared button up and my gemstone statement necklace.  I was going to wear this with neutral ankle booties, but when I added the black sweater my instincts said to add more black.   So midnight platform pumps it is.  Some fall trends to watch for that I encompassed here are camouflage and  statement necklaces!  Happy Hump Day (in my camel voice)!