Label to Watch, Right Now: MSGM

In the relatively brand new fashion labels category, I would put MSGM somewhere near the top of the line.  Established in 2010 by Massimo Giorgetti, the designer of both the men’s and women’s collections, MSGM hit success with their first collection in Spring Summer 2010.  Their name is growing and buzzing on the lips of mainstream consumers as well as the fashion editors and critics.  Their Spring Summer items generally boast bright patterns and in contrast this Falls’ 2013 collection is 50 shades of grey, but maintains the tendency to mix and match textiles.  Which in mostly grey tones is a more subtle approach to the bold fashion trend, a safer way to step into the world of mixing patterns.  Great for a beginner!!  And polished for a pro.  I’m also impressed with the artistry of the jackets and separate pieces.  The models on their site are beautifully styled with an eye for proportion.  I plan on trying the full skirt and sweat shirt combo asap.  Below are my favorites from the collection…










Check out the rest of the collection for yourself at



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