White Hot Androgyny

Oh, how I’m loving the androgynous white shirt (dress)!  Ever since my blogger crush Karla, of Karla’s Closet , featured the Stylenanda dress below on her site, I’ve been smitten like a school girl.  I found a few other variations that got my blood running too.  There is something so sexy about the simplicity of these dresses, the purity, the timelessness and the nod to menswear.  And there are so many directions a fashionista can go with her styling of the frocks:  Cage heels to sharpen its edges, strappy and colorful sandals to keep it girly, a bold pump for modernity…the possibilities are absolutely endless!  But let’s start with the bare basics:  Here are some of my favorite white shirtdresses that I found while web surfing…

Alexander Wang

Stylenanda, worn by Karla

Stylenanda, worn by Karla

Kristensen Du Nord

Kristensen Du Nord

And for a gorgeous splash of color…



I can’t wait to score my own shirt dress, I’ll be going with a classic white and will be sure to post pics on here of how I styled it.

xoxo. peace. love.


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