Versace Fashion Face-Off (Soundtrack Included)

Versace Fashion Face-Off (Soundtrack Included)

I’m willing to bet this 3peat caused some major embarrassment for the fellas at last Sunday’s BET awards. DJ Drama, Brandon T. Jackson and J Cole all graced the red carpet in the same Versace sweatshirt…at the same event! If it were me, I’d have stripped down to my undershirt immediately and called it fashion forward. Now all that’s left for us to do is to decide..who rocked it best? My vote is for J Cole (in the middle)…I like his shoes and chain the best. DJ Drama (left) took it a little to casual with his jeans, sneakers and cap. On the other end of the spectrum, Brandon (far right) was too dressy in his church shoes. J Cole struck the right balance and gets the WG stamp of approval! Now it’s your turn, sexy readers…vote up.

Oh, and make sure to play this new track by Drake while you deliberate your tough decision. An ode to Versace…I’d make it these 3’s ringtone.


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