Summer Polish Ideas with a Fall Sneak Preview

One of the most frugal ways to instantly update your look is with a fresh manicure.      And it’s one of those “just for me” things because other people aren’t really going to notice unless you’re up close and personal with them, sometimes not even then…hello boyfriends of the world!  But the glossy new manicure provides endless entertainment for the wearer herself.  I know that I can be caught checking mine out at arm’s length throughout the day while driving, waiting in long lines, waiting in short lines, writing, typing…pretty much any activity that involves my hands.  If my hair is a mess and my jeans are on day 3 of having not been washed, it’s so reassuring to look down at my dainty dope digits and feel secure in the fact that I am alas still a fabulous fashionista.  Don’t look at my jeans.  Look at my nails.  More importantly, don’t smell my jeans.

So check out these cool nails from Refinery29:

Refinery29 nails


You can see the rest of their slideshow here.

Aren’t those adorable and super summery?  Very cute.  But what I’m really excited about is doing my nails like this…for Fall!

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

I saw a picture of Rihanna rocking the red-tips…she is so fashion forward and inspirational!  Loved them!  Why didn’t I think of this?  It’s so simple but so effective.

What do you guys think of these outside the box manicure ideas?  Would you wear either?  If not, would you like them on other people?





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