Whimtastical Weekend Warrior Wear

Alliteration: the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables (as Whimtastical Weekend Warrior Wear) —called also head rhyme,  initial rhyme (definition thanks to Merriam-Webster; example thanks to moi).

Hi beautiful beautiful ones!  I’m checking in after an unexpectedly exciting weekend.  On Friday morning…a ticket to the Lil Wayne, T.I. and 2Chainz concert was magically dropped into my lap by the rap fairy.  I had to come up with an impromptu concert outfit…quick and in a hurry.  I love heels as much as the next girl, but right now I don’t have a pair that I find comfortable enough for an outdoor concert.  So flats it was, and I built the rest of the ensemble around that choice.


The concert was so hype!

photo (21)

The pic is a little blurry, but I think you can gather the gist of the outfit and its components.  I wore my hand-cropped Bob Marley tee with a plum, sheer maxi skirt, my leopard print Jessica Simpson sandals and a new staple in my wardrobe…a statement necklace of stones in multiple muted colors.  Since I wear a lot of leopard, the similar tones in the necklace make it a great piece to pull my mixed prints together.

Friday night was an absolute blast…all 3 performers were energetic and entertaining.  I took Saturday easy and rolled into Sunday brunch with an old friend this afternoon.

photo (22)

This afternoon’s brunch outfit is comprised of two different leopard prints, a vintage Great Britain flag print tee and my trusty bib necklace to pull it all together.

So far, Charlotte and I are getting along just fine.  Until next time..

xoxo-Katie G.


Inspirationals for Your Weekend


Vanessa Hudgens in all white everything.


My obsession with sweatsuit chic continues


This Tibi “Empire Skirt” is illy!!


Since color-blocking has been so hot for the last 18 seasons…why not try some denim blocking?


Extreme pattern mixing, extreme props for a job well done!

Happy Weekend to you all!  Give your closets a hug for me!


Thrift Store Haul: The Black Album

I promise my mood is not morose, but recently I’ve been wanting to dress myself in head to toe black, slap on some colorful lipstick and call it a funeral.  I go through these phases, usually when I’m taking myself super seriously, which right now I sort of am.  So yesterday’s thrift store trip resulted in mixed shades of black, white and gray…with a splash of tribal color.

photo (16)

This giraffe print dress is going to make the transition with me from summer to fall.  For fall, I’ll be layering it with a trendy denim jacket, a colorful blazer and of course, scarves!

photo (17)I love love love these flowy sweaters, I have a much heavier gray one almost just like this which I wear as a light-weight jacket.  This thinner version will serve as a top that I can wear all day with some skinny jeans, knee high boots and either a statement necklace, graphic tee, or scarves.

photo (18)

This top gets top honors for Find of the Day!  As soon as I saw it, randomly stuck on the wrong rack, I knew it was waiting patiently for its rightful owner to possessively snatch it up…ME.  I’ll be rocking it for my meeting on this coming Tuesday with Closet of Style CEO, Catherine, which by the way I’m really pumped about.  I’ll be pairing the boxy top with some super skinny jeans and sky-high heels.  I’m visualizing my hair in a tight top-knot and my lips a bright shade of red.  Yeah…

photo (19)

Funny story, this is a Gap maternity sweater!  Hence the super long and wide front panels and the short back…but I love the proportions of it and the way the panels almost hang to my knees!  It’s so quirky!

photo (20)

100% silk tunic…tights, boots, flats, accessories!  This one was a major steal!

And guess what I spent y’all?  $25.  Looking fabulous does NOT have to break the bank.  Believe it.

Until next time…


Exploring Charlotte; Eating Southern

Well readers, I’ve relocated once again.  If you’ve been keeping up with the blog you may remember that I “moved” to Jamaica in June and that lasted about 3 weeks.  Come to find out…I love America (I just abhor politics)!  Since George W’s reelection in 2004, I’ve had this fantasy of expatriating from the US and taking up a new and exciting existence in another, more progressive and exotic nation.  But at this stage in my life, it turns out there is no place like home and as appealing as retiring to the beaches of Jamaica at the ripe age of 27 might sound, I actually felt like a really unproductive member of society after 3 weeks of vacation and was ready to hit the US running…off to Charlotte.  I pulled into the Queen City on Monday night and have so far been settling in and learning my way around the metro.  Yesterday, my roomies and I hit the streets house hunting and found a funky southern kitchen for a lunch stop.  Check out pics from Bordeaux’s Louisiana Kitchen…

photo (14)

Street View

Patio Seating

Patio Seating

Mardi Gras, year round!

Mardi Gras, year round!

Feed Me!

Feed Me!

I have hilarious friends, seriously.

I have hilarious friends, seriously.

Crab Cake, Collard Greens and Rosemary Potatoes

Crab Cake, Collard Greens and Rosemary Potatoes

CLT skyline

CLT skyline


The food was good, the company was great and so far..Charlotte is too.  I’ve got a lot of plans in the works and am going to keep you guys updated on the excitement!  Have an awesome Wendsday and I’ll talk to you soon.



Label to Watch, Right Now: MSGM

In the relatively brand new fashion labels category, I would put MSGM somewhere near the top of the line.  Established in 2010 by Massimo Giorgetti, the designer of both the men’s and women’s collections, MSGM hit success with their first collection in Spring Summer 2010.  Their name is growing and buzzing on the lips of mainstream consumers as well as the fashion editors and critics.  Their Spring Summer items generally boast bright patterns and in contrast this Falls’ 2013 collection is 50 shades of grey, but maintains the tendency to mix and match textiles.  Which in mostly grey tones is a more subtle approach to the bold fashion trend, a safer way to step into the world of mixing patterns.  Great for a beginner!!  And polished for a pro.  I’m also impressed with the artistry of the jackets and separate pieces.  The models on their site are beautifully styled with an eye for proportion.  I plan on trying the full skirt and sweat shirt combo asap.  Below are my favorites from the collection…










Check out the rest of the collection for yourself at www.msgm.it