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Angelina: Honestly Superwoman


Angelina was not always on the top of my celebrity girl crush list.  Actually, she wasn’t even making first string for the first ten years of her career.  But I kept a watchful eye on the fascinating woman, without even meaning to.  There has always been something riveting about her and although it’s hard to classify my former sentiments as good or bad, they were certainly not apathetic.  As time has gone on and her persona has matured I’ve learned to respect her in a way that is usually reserved for those members of society who have not starred opposite of Antonio Banderas or worn Billy Bob Thornton’s DNA around their neck.  Aside from her obvious strength, bravery and spirit my favorite quality of Angelina’s is that she is completely unapologetic for her often criticized choices in life.  She’s not perfect, she’s far from conventional, and she’s no virgin Madonna but she is something that most never dare to be.  She’s honest, she’s true and she’s authentic.  As much as we try, not many of us dare to succeed in raw honesty the way Angelina has.  Whether she’s honestly loving her brother, a married man, her brood of children or the world’s refugees…she’s doing it wholeheartedly.  Looking around at my own personal choices in life, not always so popular among my immediate peers and loved ones, who am I to judge this woman who dares to live so completely…in front of the entire world?

She’s back at inspiring the rest of us this week as she reprises her role her role as a goodwill ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.  She’s currently urging world leaders to prevent rape and sexual assault in war zones.  Thank you, Angelina for living so passionately and loving in a way that I can’t grasp but must aspire to.

Simply Summer Sheath

june outfit


How modern yet timelessly gorgeous is CiCi Ali?  She is a vision of casual perfection in her exquisitely architected maxi-dress.  The cut-outs, the halter-top, the up to there slit, the ankle-strapped flats…le sigh to the max.  And where to begin with her precise and simple accessorizing?  The sunglasses rock steady and that bob certainly maintains the test of time.  Two enthusiastic thumbs up to CiCi Ali and inspiration to us all!  Thanks Refinery29 for your spot-on fashion reporting, per usual.

My Fave Rapper is Better Than Yours…Unless Your Fave is Drake Too.


Sometimes life gets the better of your good spirits and you spend a few days in the doldrums.  LIfe is a gift and really there’s not much of an excuse for the blues, because honestly I’ve got a lot to be thankful for.  But sometimes you’re thankful in a sort of…pouty way.  Humor me.

And then…with pixie dust and angel wings, 4 new tracks from your favorite rapper drop and you spend the next hour with headphones on busting out every dance move you’ve perfected in the last ten years.  Suddenly every little ting is alright again.  Thanks Drizzy!  Drake just announced that his new album will be dropping on September 17th and he released the 4 songs over at OVOSOUND.

My by far favorite:  “The Motion”  Classic