Singer, DJ, Fashionista Extraordinaire….Solange Knowles Takes the Stage

Solange Knowles continues to carve out a place for herself in the mainstream music industry, but seems to effortlessly attract press with her bold fashion choices. An individualist to be sure, her style is reflective of her eclectic music and independent career path. Not only does she refuse the stay in the shadows of her big sis Beyoncé, she insists on marching her own path in life…to her own unique soundtrack. Ambitious, to say the least. Check out two of Solange’s most recent fashion glories, one of which is the most gorgeous red-carpet looks I’ve seen in a decade.


Solange’s look at The Great Gatsby premiere is nearly flawless. The gown leaves me speechless and look at how it flows with her every move. The metallic belt at the waist contrasts beautifully and the unexpected orange nails and lips are a pointedly “Solange move.” Most importantly, it’s written all over her face how beautiful she feels.



Solange at the Cannes Film Festival in Roberto Cavalli. Love it!


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