Celebrity Girl Crushing, Over the Years

Celebrity girl crushes… mine have been as intensely real as my “real-life” boy crushes since I received my first Teen Magazine at the delicate age of 10.  Like most crushes do, they’ve come and gone over the years with just a select few sticking around for the long haul.  My very first was Gwenyth Paltrow in her pink Oscar dress, in the immediately post Brad Pitt days.


She was a frequent feature on the pages of Vogue and epitomized lady-like elegance and cool in my young eyes.  I still lover her and have had a recent resurgance of interest along with everyone else since she has been named People’s Most Beautiful Woman in the World and she’s catching a lot of heat for her blog, Goop.  Next was Nicole Kidman, I believe the motivation for my infatuation with Nicole mirrors my reasons for loving Gwennie-Poo…but my Nicole crush was much shorter lived.


Her ice-queen image gave me the chills and I quickly moved on to a warmer climate cutie…Ms. Beyonce Giselle Knowles hailing from Houston, Texas baby.  She is without argument The One.  My Beyonce girl crush raged hot and consistant for 15 years, since the first time I heard Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills” (still my favorite karaoke song) and saw the funky video that went along with it.


What is it about Mrs. Knowles-Carter that captured my attention, along with the world’s, so intensely?  After many years of attentive observational research, I conclude that it’s her unique ability to ooze sex and lady-like gentility all in one perfectly coiffed curvacious package.  Although she may rejoice in crotch-popping dance moves and body suits, she has never been in the press for outrageous misbehavior, she’s clearly been a one-man-woman for way over a decade now and she evades the press and her industry haters like a magician.  All praise aside, recently I’ve become a little sceptical of what’s going on with her when  I hear lyrics like “Bow down bitches” and see her nipple adorned body-suits for her new tour.  It makes me miss the “Independent Women” days, but I’m holding out with hope that Beyonce is going through a phase that shall soon pass.  Maybe she’s proving to us that she’s still cutting edge, even if she is  wife to a mogul and mommy to one adorable baby girl.  And to give more validity to the seemingly random spray of celeb crushes over the years, guess which two rock-star wives are now serious besties?  My darling Gwenyth (who I still love) and Queen Beyonce!  I have a fantasy of one day joining their inner circle, creating a tri-fecta of awesomeness and lady-like sexy time.

Gwyneth and Beyonce

It seems these are the reigning queens of Infatuation Land.  I wonder who will be next…could it be Angelina and Jane Fonda?  Stay tuned for the next post.


Singer, DJ, Fashionista Extraordinaire….Solange Knowles Takes the Stage

Solange Knowles continues to carve out a place for herself in the mainstream music industry, but seems to effortlessly attract press with her bold fashion choices. An individualist to be sure, her style is reflective of her eclectic music and independent career path. Not only does she refuse the stay in the shadows of her big sis Beyoncé, she insists on marching her own path in life…to her own unique soundtrack. Ambitious, to say the least. Check out two of Solange’s most recent fashion glories, one of which is the most gorgeous red-carpet looks I’ve seen in a decade.


Solange’s look at The Great Gatsby premiere is nearly flawless. The gown leaves me speechless and look at how it flows with her every move. The metallic belt at the waist contrasts beautifully and the unexpected orange nails and lips are a pointedly “Solange move.” Most importantly, it’s written all over her face how beautiful she feels.



Solange at the Cannes Film Festival in Roberto Cavalli. Love it!

Nailed It!

Check out this gorgeous manicure featured on Refinery29!! 

nail art

I love the subtlety of this colorful concept!  This gals got gorgeous nails and an idea that I am going to have to borrow…but beware:  The subtlety will be lost on nails much longer than the ones pictured above!  If you’re a nail aficionado, roam on over to Refinery29 where they are holding a nail art contest for readers via Instagram.  Winning prizes range from Revlon polish collections to a free trip to NYC!