Full Brows are Flattering Brows

HELLO beautiful people!

I find myself in a natural beauty mood more and more these days and as I’ve lessened my dependency on makeup, I’ve turned my personal grooming time and attention primarily to my skin and brows.   I’m finding that both of these features make the biggest natural impact on my appearance (besides a smile of course).

A healthy, toned glow negates the need for foundation, although certainly I use spot concealer on an almost daily basis, and full well-groomed brows really anchor my face and provide a frame for my eyes.  I’ve never been a fan of over plucked brows, although from time to time throughout the years, I have over-plucked and immediately regretted it.  But it wasn’t until recently that I developed the patience to actually grow these suckers all the way out.  Check out a few gorgeous celebs with very flattering and youthful eyebrows that helped inspire my journey unto the tweezerless unknown:

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter

Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter

Do you like the look of these gorgeous gals?  How about the classic Audrey Hepburn brows, or Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe?  All Full and Fabulous!  Well, don’t be afraid to go for the look yourself.  Here are my tips on growing those beauties out in no time with no awkwardness…

#1:  Castor Oil:  This miracle oil has a great many wonderful attributes, not least of which being hair nourishment and regrowth, and can be found at your local drug store.  Dab a Q-tip into the oil each night and apply it to the eyebrow area.  Wipe off any excess outside of the general area to avoid clogging pores and Sweet Dreams!  In the morning, wash away the castor oil, exfoliating lightly with a washcloth to avoid leaving an oily residue.  Moisturize.

#2:  Pluck ONLY outside of the area where you want regrowth, for instance on the outer corners of your eyebrow and definitely in between.  A unibrow isn’t cute on anyone.  Except maybe Tom Hardy could pull it off?

#3:  For that awkward mean time, in between time of growth…use an eyebrow pencil to draw in your brows.  If you use the right pencil and technique, I promise you won’t look like Groucho Marx.   I’m currently using the blonde pencil from Mary Kay which looks so natural even with my dark brown hair…black and dark brown pencils are just generally too harsh in color unless you’re dark complected with very very dark black hair.  When applying the pencil, use light and thin strokes in the direction of hair growth.  You can even lightly draw more shape and arch into your brows, but again…use light strokes.  I believe that less is more when it comes to the ol’ brow pencil because ultimately we are still going for the natural look.

#4:  Fly away brows? Are new short hairs mixing in with long old-school hairs?  Easy.  After using your brow pencil…tame your brows with a quick squirt of hair spray.  I spray mine directly onto an eyebrow brush and brush my brows into direction and shape that I desire.  Once the spray dries, you’re set for the whole day!

Once they’ve grown into the fullness that you desire, your next step of action is up to you.  You can have the professionally threaded into shape, waxed, plucked…pick your poison.  I personally like to do my own, because I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t get them just a hair thinner (hehe) than I’d prefer.  My tweezers of choice are slanted Tweezer Man.

Good luck in your regrowth journey!  What are your takes on eyebrow trends?  Are full, well-groomed brows universally flattering?  What techniques are you storing away in your beauty arsenal?


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