A Celebration of Mother & Daughter Love!

Good Saturday to you all, beautiful people!  It’s a rainy and overcast one here in South Carolina…the perfect day to blog and finish reading The Tao of Pooh (see previous post).

Let’s take a trip back in time together…to Wednesday.  As “girly” as my interests in beauty and fashion may be…I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy in my day-to-day activities and so, unsurprisingly, I’ve never been the friend that gets asked to throw baby showers, bridal showers etc.  Recently though, my feminine instincts have begun rearing their well coiffed heads and I took it upon myself to throw a surprise baby shower for my friend, Sinead whose baby girl is due any day now.


This was the gift table.  I used clothing line and clothes pins to hang the onesies and socks, which pulled double duty as gifts and decorations!  The shower was held at the restaurant I work at, so I pulled in plants and giraffe statues to add to the theme of the shower without adding to the tab!

016The honorable guests.


The glowing mother-to-be, Sinead, and her beautiful bouquet from the hubbie.  I scattered “It’s a Girl” confetti on the tables and put out peanuts to snack on while we hung out. Meals were catered by Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe.

015This 100% Vegan “Strawberry Cheesecake” cake was the hit of the party, thanks to our amazing baker, Mary!


This is my friend Ramona and her daughter, Raegan. Can’t you feel the love?!  By the way, these to ladies are my partners in crime for our Jamaica trip next month.

On a fashion note, earlier in the day, a striking mother daughter duo came to try out Lamb’s Bread in their matching but not too matchy polka dots.  As soon as I saw them at their table, I knew they were destined to make a WG cameo.



Daughter’s pants add a colorful punch and Mom’s a knock-out in her timeless trench coat.  As a duo, the pieces add balance to each other.

So it seems that Wednesday turned out to be a day of Goddesses and a celebration of our love for each other.  I’m excited to see what Saturday has in store.



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