Sunday Me Time

Greetings beautiful readers and Happy Sunday to all.  And what a beautiful Sunday it is turning out to be in 75 degree Sunny South Carolina.  When it’s this time of year, I have a hard time coming up with anything but wonderful things to say about this funny state of mine.  Sunday is my official day off and I must say it has thus far been spent in fine form.

I slept luxuriously late, carefully chose my outfit (that post is soon to come…I’m waiting on my photographer) and headed out to a solo lunch at The Gourmet Shop Cafe

The Gourmet Shop

It was my first time dining at the Cafe, but I remember that my grandmother used to love going there years ago.  Her taste in anything has yet to fail me, so I went with high hopes and was hardly disappointed.

I sat myself indoors next to a white lace curtained window just on the other side of the sidewalk seating that you see above.  I opened the lace curtain just a hair so that I could see out and let some sunshine in and ordered myself a tomato juice and water for starters.


While waiting on my lunch I began re-reading The Tao of Pooh, a wonderful book on Taoism and the science of living serenely regardless of circumstances.  I recommend this book to anyone interested in spirituality or philosophy.  Or Pooh.


Just a few pages in…I was surrounded by food!  I’m happy to say there were plenty of vegan items on the menu and dishes I could easily turn vegan with a few simple requests.  After much deliberation I settled upon a humus and fruit dish and a spinach salad. I ate to my heart’s content while peeping out the curtains at the sidewalk dining guests.  What a lovely sight they were in their Sunday’s best and many of the diners had their teacup puppies with them!  With the charming food, menu and ambiance I felt like I’d found a small wrinkle in time all the way to France.  Half of my lunch will be dinner…and to put the cherry on top, by bill was only $20!  Trust and believe that I shall return with friends in tow!

Next stop on my Sunday Me-Day was the Immersed in Ink tattoo festival at the Columbia Convention Center.  There were piercing booths, jewelry and art sales, a competition for who got the coolest tatt of the day…and of course tons of tattoo booths.  I basically walked around and flipped through portfolios, scouting for an artist for my next tattoo.  I think I found The One, who luckily for me is located in downtown Columbia.

Check out his Facebook page at  He tatts at Animated Canvas and I was moved by his professionalism and his portfolio…

Animated Canvas

Add a little bloggin’ to the mix and I’ve got one glorious Sunday almost behind me.  Now I’m off to buy decorations for a friend’s baby shower I’m hosting on Wednesday.  Peace and Love to you all.  Until next time…


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