Bathing Suit Season 2013

This time every year I get hit with a serious case of Spring Fever.  The South Carolina sun is out in full force today and I’m itching to put on a swimsuit and soak up the rays, but alas the temp is still sub 50 degrees.  So sunglasses and a scarf it is.  I keep reminding myself though that in less than 30 days I will be in sunny Jamaica…for the first time ever!


A girlfriend of mine is originally from Jamaica and invited me down with her in April for the annual festival, Carnival.  We will be marching in the 8 mile parade wearing costumes sort of like the ones below, I haven’t decided how courageous I’m going to be with wardrobe as of yet, but I am going to step outside of my comfort zone to a degree.


I’m very excited to be in the country during such a festive time, but Carnival will only be one leg of the trip.  I’m just as much looking forward to all the downtime and beach bumming I will be doing.  Cue obsessive internet bathing suit shopping.  I’ve done some research on what is fashionable in swimsuits for this season and found a few good guides for you guys to check out:  HerCampus, SpringSummer

Trends come and go and at times I embrace them whole heartedly, sometimes I incorporate them sparingly and at  other times I completely disregard them, following my inner stylist instead.  A proper fit and cut are very important for swimsuit flattery and trends aside, I have a few swimsuit formulas that work really well for me.  I’m a bikini girl and find one pieces as well as monokinis to be completely unflattering.  Being small chested, you’ll typically find me in either a triangle top or bandeau with some ruffles up top.  I like my bottoms a little on the low cut side, but you’ll never catch me in the thong or G-string cut.  I’ve been googling away, and so far these are my favorites:

Swimsuit Doll4


Swimsuit Doll2

Swimsuit Camo

So far I’m really leaning towards the fringed bandeau top and the funky leopard print.  I’d like to know your perspective on the issue of swimwear trends.  Do you follow them and if so, what are some of your favorites this season?


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