Shawt Suit Shawty…Ensemble of the Week

Spring Short Suit

Suits on women bother me.  Too often, even with skirt suits, they make the wearer look too masculine!  I find the short suit to completely abolish this epidemic…I guess it’s all that leg!  A well-tailored, waist cinching, curve enhancing jacket doesn’t hurt matters either.  I absolutely love the fresh white short suit on the model pictured above (credit to Refinery29) …enough to name it Ensemble of the Week here at area code Whimsington Gardens.  A high waist isn’t flattering on all body types, so this look can be modified with a lower slung waist and a longer hem for the upper thigh shy.  Instead of the polka dot top, I would funk it up with a more exotic, colorful print and some espadrille heels.

Happy Spring Shopping.  And Peace.


A Celebration of Mother & Daughter Love!

Good Saturday to you all, beautiful people!  It’s a rainy and overcast one here in South Carolina…the perfect day to blog and finish reading The Tao of Pooh (see previous post).

Let’s take a trip back in time together…to Wednesday.  As “girly” as my interests in beauty and fashion may be…I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy in my day-to-day activities and so, unsurprisingly, I’ve never been the friend that gets asked to throw baby showers, bridal showers etc.  Recently though, my feminine instincts have begun rearing their well coiffed heads and I took it upon myself to throw a surprise baby shower for my friend, Sinead whose baby girl is due any day now.


This was the gift table.  I used clothing line and clothes pins to hang the onesies and socks, which pulled double duty as gifts and decorations!  The shower was held at the restaurant I work at, so I pulled in plants and giraffe statues to add to the theme of the shower without adding to the tab!

016The honorable guests.


The glowing mother-to-be, Sinead, and her beautiful bouquet from the hubbie.  I scattered “It’s a Girl” confetti on the tables and put out peanuts to snack on while we hung out. Meals were catered by Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe.

015This 100% Vegan “Strawberry Cheesecake” cake was the hit of the party, thanks to our amazing baker, Mary!


This is my friend Ramona and her daughter, Raegan. Can’t you feel the love?!  By the way, these to ladies are my partners in crime for our Jamaica trip next month.

On a fashion note, earlier in the day, a striking mother daughter duo came to try out Lamb’s Bread in their matching but not too matchy polka dots.  As soon as I saw them at their table, I knew they were destined to make a WG cameo.



Daughter’s pants add a colorful punch and Mom’s a knock-out in her timeless trench coat.  As a duo, the pieces add balance to each other.

So it seems that Wednesday turned out to be a day of Goddesses and a celebration of our love for each other.  I’m excited to see what Saturday has in store.


Sunday Me Time

Greetings beautiful readers and Happy Sunday to all.  And what a beautiful Sunday it is turning out to be in 75 degree Sunny South Carolina.  When it’s this time of year, I have a hard time coming up with anything but wonderful things to say about this funny state of mine.  Sunday is my official day off and I must say it has thus far been spent in fine form.

I slept luxuriously late, carefully chose my outfit (that post is soon to come…I’m waiting on my photographer) and headed out to a solo lunch at The Gourmet Shop Cafe

The Gourmet Shop

It was my first time dining at the Cafe, but I remember that my grandmother used to love going there years ago.  Her taste in anything has yet to fail me, so I went with high hopes and was hardly disappointed.

I sat myself indoors next to a white lace curtained window just on the other side of the sidewalk seating that you see above.  I opened the lace curtain just a hair so that I could see out and let some sunshine in and ordered myself a tomato juice and water for starters.


While waiting on my lunch I began re-reading The Tao of Pooh, a wonderful book on Taoism and the science of living serenely regardless of circumstances.  I recommend this book to anyone interested in spirituality or philosophy.  Or Pooh.


Just a few pages in…I was surrounded by food!  I’m happy to say there were plenty of vegan items on the menu and dishes I could easily turn vegan with a few simple requests.  After much deliberation I settled upon a humus and fruit dish and a spinach salad. I ate to my heart’s content while peeping out the curtains at the sidewalk dining guests.  What a lovely sight they were in their Sunday’s best and many of the diners had their teacup puppies with them!  With the charming food, menu and ambiance I felt like I’d found a small wrinkle in time all the way to France.  Half of my lunch will be dinner…and to put the cherry on top, by bill was only $20!  Trust and believe that I shall return with friends in tow!

Next stop on my Sunday Me-Day was the Immersed in Ink tattoo festival at the Columbia Convention Center.  There were piercing booths, jewelry and art sales, a competition for who got the coolest tatt of the day…and of course tons of tattoo booths.  I basically walked around and flipped through portfolios, scouting for an artist for my next tattoo.  I think I found The One, who luckily for me is located in downtown Columbia.

Check out his Facebook page at  He tatts at Animated Canvas and I was moved by his professionalism and his portfolio…

Animated Canvas

Add a little bloggin’ to the mix and I’ve got one glorious Sunday almost behind me.  Now I’m off to buy decorations for a friend’s baby shower I’m hosting on Wednesday.  Peace and Love to you all.  Until next time…

Hot for Spring’s Collarless Jacket Trend

It’s all over the runways, mags and blogs for spring…the collarless jacket!

Starting about…now…winter transitions ever so subtly into spring.  By noon, your lightweight jacket has hit the back of your desk chair, car seat…however your workflow rolls, and at sunset it’s back on your shoulders to ward off the evening chill.

Le sigh, this is my absolute favorite time of the year and if I have to wear a jacket, I’d prefer it be light weight.  I really like as little fabric on my body as possible…FREEDOM is the Aquarian war cry.  Just in time for my favorite season and my explicit requirements from the outerwear department  is the collarless jacket.   Check out some of my favorites from Polyvore….

Peplum Style, by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Peplum Style, by 3.1 Phillip Lim

I see this peplum variation with some black pencil trousers…

A sleek anc chic streamlined La Garconne

A sleek anc chic streamlined La Garconne

This La Garconne jacket would be paired with skinny dark denim, in my wardrobe of dreams.

My Fave! By Santa Floral

I’d either rough this jacket up with some ripped denim jeans or create a mixed print look with some pink and green striped shorts.

We'll Call this one...Gorge, but could I keep it clean?  By, Vivienne

We’ll Call this one…Gorge, but could I keep it clean? By, Vivienne

I would definitely pair this beautiful jacket with some matching white shorts for a crisp spring short suit.

Here’s to sunshine, warm breezes and cool jackets.  Peace.

Bathing Suit Season 2013

This time every year I get hit with a serious case of Spring Fever.  The South Carolina sun is out in full force today and I’m itching to put on a swimsuit and soak up the rays, but alas the temp is still sub 50 degrees.  So sunglasses and a scarf it is.  I keep reminding myself though that in less than 30 days I will be in sunny Jamaica…for the first time ever!


A girlfriend of mine is originally from Jamaica and invited me down with her in April for the annual festival, Carnival.  We will be marching in the 8 mile parade wearing costumes sort of like the ones below, I haven’t decided how courageous I’m going to be with wardrobe as of yet, but I am going to step outside of my comfort zone to a degree.


I’m very excited to be in the country during such a festive time, but Carnival will only be one leg of the trip.  I’m just as much looking forward to all the downtime and beach bumming I will be doing.  Cue obsessive internet bathing suit shopping.  I’ve done some research on what is fashionable in swimsuits for this season and found a few good guides for you guys to check out:  HerCampus, SpringSummer

Trends come and go and at times I embrace them whole heartedly, sometimes I incorporate them sparingly and at  other times I completely disregard them, following my inner stylist instead.  A proper fit and cut are very important for swimsuit flattery and trends aside, I have a few swimsuit formulas that work really well for me.  I’m a bikini girl and find one pieces as well as monokinis to be completely unflattering.  Being small chested, you’ll typically find me in either a triangle top or bandeau with some ruffles up top.  I like my bottoms a little on the low cut side, but you’ll never catch me in the thong or G-string cut.  I’ve been googling away, and so far these are my favorites:

Swimsuit Doll4


Swimsuit Doll2

Swimsuit Camo

So far I’m really leaning towards the fringed bandeau top and the funky leopard print.  I’d like to know your perspective on the issue of swimwear trends.  Do you follow them and if so, what are some of your favorites this season?