I’m So Futuristic, I Don’t Even Brush My Hair…

It’s my birthday(earthday), y’all!  And let me tell you…27 feels like heaven!  I’m at the day job right now, chillin’ until 5pm when I’m off to a fantabulous birthday evening that I will be sure to post about tomorrow (including the ensemble that I’m so looking forward to slipping on once I punch the time clock).  But for now, check out the day time look below:


Today’s ensemble is comprised of my new galaxy print tights which I am dig, dig, digging to the fullest!  I paired them with a neutral shoe and sweater as to not go overboard with a busy print.  I almost wore my royal purple infinity scarf, but settled on the rose-pink instead.  I think it pulled out the soft colors in the tights quite effectively.  Of course, I’m rocking the signature bun and J-Lo hoops to top it off.  I don’t know if you can tell from the outside looking in, but I stopped wearing makeup during the day which has completely cleared my skin up!  Vlog to come soon on that particular issue…

In other news…how crazy is it that the Pope resigned?  Popes can do that?!  It is the first time in SIX CENTURIES that this has happened and to make it even more surreal, the Vatican was struck by lightning merely hours after Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement.  Don’t believe me?…I’ll prove it. 


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