Beyonce Nation

Queen Bey has certainly been in the headlines a lot recently with her lip-synch “BeyonceGate” scandal, subsequent acapella rendition of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl press conference and of course her highly publicized Super Bowl half-time show itself.   If you’re not Beysessed like me, you may be getting tired of hearing her name all over the place.  If that’s the case I’ve got discouraging news for you: She’s soon announcing her 5th world-tour and a possible tour name and promo pic has leaked…


Mrs. Carter World Tour…cause he put a ring on it.  I love it; you better ROC that last name boo!  Perhaps I’ll actually make it to her concert this time.  As huge of a Bey fan as I have been since Destiny’s Child days, I have never seen her perform live.  I may pee in my pants if I actually go to one of her concerts.  I should probably never meet her face to face.

Speaking of DCIII, Kelly was looking FABOOSH last night.  Get em’ Kel…

Kelly Rowland

They feel like my old highschool friends!  I loved their music so much growing up and the lyrics remain very relevant to me…girl power!

I’m digging this dress that Beyonce wore on the Super Bowl red carpet!  Will be shopping for a knock off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……


Peace, Love and Beyonce.  Have a Marvelous Monday.  More to come, soon…


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