Rihanna Fenty Fashions

Chameleon to the fullest, Rih Rih has switched up the locks again.  She’s rocking the flowing ombre strands that I am so very nostalgic for…and the half-shaved head look is carrying into this post as well (see previous post Cassie’s Curls).  How backwards that Cassie started a trend before Rihanna…

Photo courtesey of www.fallinlovewiththewebagain.net

Photo Courtesey of www.theybf.com

Photo courtesy of http://www.theybf.com

She debuted the look in the first photos and then lightened it up and raised the color line in the second shot, taken about a week ago.  Love Love!

In other Rihanna news, it’s been public knowledge for a few months that she is working on a fashion collection for British brand, River Island, but she’s recently announced that she’ll be debuting her collection at London’s fashion week (my favorite of all the fashion weeks, by the way).  It totally makes sense considering the brand she’s collaborating with is British, but more importantly, the edgier street style that rules London fits right along with Rihanna’s personal aesthetic and flava.  I featured a picture of the below jumpsuit on the blog a while back and had no idea that it was a Rihanna original.  Here it is again…her own design:

rihanna sweatsuit

I wasn’t familiar with the River Island brand, but after some research…I’m a new fan.  Here are few of my favorite items from their sites Spring 2013 preview (they aren’t advertised as being Rih’s designs)

River Island

River Island2

River Island3

I’m bonkers for the last shirt!  If only I could figure out how to mentally convert euros to dollars…If you’d like to check out River Island follow the white rabbit:  www.riverisland.com


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