Words of Wisdom from Christian Louboutin


We know his shoes so well.  A woman in stilettos walks by and the flash of red catches our eye…right away, you know they’re Louboutins.  An obvious genius of branding as well as design, Christian Louboutin’s brain is one which many aspiring designers and fashionistas alike would like to get inside of.  Well, tonight while reading The Fashion Designer Survival Guide by Mary Gehlar, I found an excellent word of advice from the designer himself.  It resonated with me deeply and gave me a small bit of direction and focus; I’ll take all that I can get!

“As a supposedly established designer, I regret to say that I have very few words of advice to give to the emerging talent.  The reality is that I continue to learn every day about my work.  But, if I may give one word of advice, it would be this:  leave, and always leave, your imagination above everything else; technique should always serve imagination, and not the opposite.  To be a good technician is only a help, but should never be a priority.  Why?  Because technique can shrink your creation, and creation is everything, the rest should gravitate around this.  The more you are free, the more your design will reflect this sense of liberty, which is after all, one of the essences of fashion.  Fashion tends to represent different points of view and meaning, and at its best should reflect individuality, eccentricity, and wit.”

Did he say Imagination?  Create?  Free and Individuality?  Ahhhhhhh….such beautiful words of relief to my creative right-brained little soul, adrfit in a left brain kinda world.  Thanks Mr. Louboutin.


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