Double-Duty Drama; Queen’s Court Edition

Today’s ensemble required versatility. I worked my 9-to-5 and lunched with a local clothing designer, Mark Couture at M. Fresh (which I had been dying to try).  This blend of activities required comfort, mobility and of course…style.  4 of my favorite and most versatile pieces came together for a look I loved.


Sigh, one of these days I am really going to spring for a legit camera which will capture the true essence of these ensembles.  Or maybe I’ll wait for my photog/brother to return stateside from Kosovo in June.  Can you guys hang with the grainy cell phone pics until then?

Back to the outfit…

My Love Culture tights are as comfy as any yoga pants and pulled double-duty today as both fashionable and practical.  The shrug kept me semi-warm and covered up my tush, so that my pants remained work appropriate.  The new-favorite Godfather tee speaks for itself and my leopard heels continue to take any outfit up a notch or three.

I’ve taken to sporting the bindi as of late and that darn bun just doesn’t seem to be fading out of the picture, huh?  Signature hairstyle for 2012 and beyond? …Perhaps.  I gave le bun some deep thought today; love child of both laziness and practicality, the hairstyle fits nicely into my lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, but it’s so much more than that.  As a woman, the bun makes me feel more pulled together, sophisticated and Queenly.  I wear it like my crown and simultaneously keep my long locks hidden away as my mysterious little secret from the outside world.

Let me have my illusions.


And when it’s time to clock back in from lunch, off come the heels and on come the leopard flats!  Without missing a step, the heartbeat of the look remains in tact and so does my face!


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