7 Free Samples from Everyday Minerals! Mine are in the Mail….

EM Collage

In my quest for a more holistic lifestyle, I am making steps at my own pace.  There is no particular rush in these matters, as far as I’m concerned, but changes should be made as the inclination arises.  My quest for near flawless skin continues as well, and today the two pursuits merged as I Googled “healthiest foundation for skin.”  I wasn’t particularly shocked to see mineral foundations as the most popular search hit, but I was rather surprised that it was the only type of foundation to appear on the first page of search results.  After such consensus, I didn’t make it to page two.  Everyday Minerals was a brand that I saw some positive testimonials to on Acne.org, so I went to their site where I was interested to learn the following about the brand:

Bohemian at heart and eclectic by nature, the soul of Everyday Minerals is deeply rooted in the natural beauty of every woman. We are organic, vegan and eco-friendly, and specialize in an innovative collection of products with a spectrum of over 150 vibrant colors and shades that flatter virtually every skin tone. Innovation is an important ingredient in our recipe for success, as the constant desire to uphold a pioneering sense of creativity is what keeps our ideas and products fantastically fresh.

Well, call me a hipster, sucker for marketing, however you want to angle it; I was sold at organic, vegan and eco-friendly.  I went on to read about the young woman who founded the company, Carina Menzies, pictured above, and her efforts to buy locally and preserve land in her native state of Texas.  Color me impressed with MasterCard in hand, but behold….I get to try 7 free samples of foundation and blush before I have to commit to a major purchase?!  That is customer satisfaction, in my soon to be written book (Okay, so the samples technically cost 1 cent and you have to pay average $3 shipping and handling, but seriously….that’s cheap).  My freebies are in the mail and somewhere in those 7 tiny pots must lie the perfect shade for my skin.  The big question is, will the formula work for my skin’s needs?  And don’t get it twisted, my Dermis is one high maintenance B!+ch.  We’ve been pulling each other’s hair and scratching each other’s eyes for 26 years now!  Will Everyday Minerals squash this epic cat fight?!  Stay tuned…


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