Federal Fashion


Reading my monthly American Vogue has been a near ritual since a young age.  It began in my middle-school years on weekend trips to Barnes and Noble with my father and as you can see from the above photo, I’ve kept the tradition alive.  The fantastical fashion spreads, thanks in large part to the brilliant Creative Director, Grace Coddington, have always been the focus point for me, but recently I’ve begun to appreciate the eloquent writing in Vogue more and more.  This month in particular, Anna Wintour’s letter from the editor struck a fashionably patriotic chord with me.  With a new year and new Presidential term on the horizon, I’m one very hopeful and optimistic citizen.  I look forward to seeing what America and the World community has in store for the future; I’m expecting great things and a more peaceful political climate.  Here is an excerpt from Anna’s letter, regarding First Lady and Fashion Ambassador (unofficial title) Michelle Obama:

The first lady has also been hugely instrumental in gaining the industry’s backing by choosing to wear so many up-and-coming and even virtually unknown designers rather than sticking to established and expected labels.  It’s had a considerable impact on many of these young talents, getting their names out into the world and building their businesses both at home and abroad; plenty of overseas designers, in fact, are envious that their US counterparts have such an incredible ambassador in Michelle Obama. 

and from the featured article Come Together by Jacob Weisberg

Now the moment is ripe for the president to throw a little more caution to the wind.  Substantively, that means seizing opportunities to capture the country’s moral imagination the way he did last spring when he embraced the cause of gay marriage….For the First Lady, too, it’s an ideal moment to step further into the public arena.  The confident advocate we saw at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, can be a powerful and humanizing voice for the president’s agenda, well beyond the support for military families and the eat-right-and-exercise causes she took up in the first term.

Some brilliant political commentators just eschew elbow patches for couture.  And Vogue.


3 thoughts on “Federal Fashion

  1. ok so this is what you was talking about. I like your writing, felt like you was right hear speaking to me maybe because i know how you sound but idk… lol

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