WG Goes Global in 2013

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Greetings Readers!  I hope you’re enjoying your New Year’s Day, exactly the way you want to enjoy it.  I’m spending the first day of 2013 with some quality friends.  We just got Japanese and now we’re sitting around on the floor, creating Vision Boards to the sound of Drake (Take Care album).  I’m sure the majority of you know about the Vision Board concept, but for those of you who may not, it’s a visual representation of your goals and dreams!  Beyond those basic parameters, the rules are up to you.  My board is more of a collage of pictures with no time constraints, whereas my friend Ashley’s board is much more structured board with a lot of writing and goals with dates attached.  I hope my 2013 is full of new experiences and travel.  I feel both are very much on the agenda; it’s time to expand and broaden my horizons and perspective.  Let’s go Global in 2013.  I wish you all of the success, happiness and love in your world for 2013 and forever.  See you tomorrow.


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