Reality TV and Aerial Skills…A Day of Firsts!

Good evening gorgeous and brilliant readers!  I’m so excited to share that my agent, Ericka DeAbreu, owner of DeAbreu Modeling, has scored her own reality show! The show is called The New Rules of Glam and will begin airing on AD VYBE TV in January 2013. The series documents Ericka’s glamorous daily activities and will feature copious tips from her on fashion, beauty, health and fitness.

Here is a still shot of her doing an interview for the show:


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

She graciously asked myself and a few of her other talent to appear in the first episode, which we shot yesterday at Fuel Fitness and Dance in Columbia, South Carolina. It was a workout scene and what a workout it was! We did aerial aerobics with the sweet and beautiful owner, Nicole. What are aerial aerobics?, you might ask. Think, Cirque de Soleil style yoga. Better yet, check out these pics from yesterday’s shoot:


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

Thats me in the very back, with the pink tank on.


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

The woman in the focal point of this photo, wearing all black, is my hard-working agent herself…striking an aerial pose.

The experiences of the day were beneficial in many different ways.  I absolutely loved the workout itself!  It’s exotic, you watch yourself in the mirror while you exercise and for once I felt beautiful while burning calories!  But don’t let the glam effect fool you, I woke up with very sore abs, arms and pecs the following morning.  The studio was beautiful, the instructor was patient, helpful and skilled!  Aside from the actual workout, being filmed for a television show and watching the work that goes into a production like this was a major learning and life experience.  I’m happy and proud to have been a part of it and cant wait to tune into the first episode next month.  I will make sure to keep you guys posted on the dates, times, channel and developments.

If you would like to check out the Fuel Fitness and Dance website, click here:  They offer a variety of cutting edge dance infused fitness classes ranging from belly dance and hot yoga to country line dancing and of course aerial skills!

To see the trailer for Ericka’s reality show, visit here:  She’s a baddy!!

And….if you’re in South Carolina and looking for a talent agent representing children and adult talent interested in modeling and/or acting, learn more on Ericka’s agency site at:!


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