My 2012 Beauty Report Card Continued…

11. “Always Wash Makeup Off Before Bed”

The Grade:  B     Always is a strong word, readers! I would say that I washed my makeup off before bed 300 out of 365 days this year.  Those 65 days can be tragic for the skin though and I aim to eliminate them from 2013.

12.  “Clean Makeup Brushes Every Week”

Photo courtesey of

Photo courtesey of

The Grade:  F     Makeup brushes host a lot of bacteria and old makeup, along with random bathroom product residue (if you apply your makeup in the bathroom) such as hairspray, vaseline etc.  It goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway to make my point) that this is very irritating for the skin, causing a host of issues.  All that being said, I washed my makeup brushes once this year, once.  Yikes.  Please don’t judge me.

13.  “Exfoliate my Face and Body Once a Week”

My go-to face scrub.

My go-to face scrub.

The Grade:  B    I probably did exfoliate my face (with an exfoliating cleanser containing synthetic micro-beads….the natural ones like apricot scratch my face whereas the synthetic beads are smooth, rounded and less irritating) on a once a week average this year.  In the shower I use a loofah to lightly exfoliate daily, but this needs to be intensified with a scrub.  #workingonit

14.  “Get Outdoors More Often”

The Grade:  C     Outside of those precious few weeks I spent at the beach this year, the majority of my time outdoors is spent walking from my car to whatever building I am headed to.

15.  “Sleep 7-8 Hours a Night”

The Grade:  B     Close, but no cigar!  While working at Starbucks (I can put it on blast now that I don’t work there anymore) for the majority of the year, my sleep schedule was inconsistent.  While I may have average 7 hours this year, where I got those 7 hours in was all over the map considering I worked swing shifts.  This year, I hope to get the 7-8 hours at the same time of night, creating a rhythm for my body and mind.

16.  “Embrace My Natural Hair Texture”

I miss my ombre hair!!

I miss my ombre hair!!

The Grade:  A++     Go Katie!  Go Katie!  I did this whole heartedly this year.  In fact, my neighbor has had my blow dryer for months now and I haven’t missed it a second!  Because of the bleach on my hair, I had to take extra efforts to be gentle with my strands and cutting back on the amount of heat you put to it is a great place to start.  I also realized that I have a really great natural texture!  It’s voluminous and has great waves, curls and versatility.  There is something empowering about flaunting the tresses you were born to have.

17.  “Experiment with Scents and Wear Them More Often”

My preferred scent and first big-girl parfum perchase for myself.

My preferred scent and first big-girl parfum perchase for myself.

The Grade:  A     Whether it was an essential oil, Beyoncé Heat or Miss Dior Cherie I wore fragrance more than ever this year, and felt much lovelier because of it.  It really makes you feel more pulled together and ladylike.

18.  “Eat for beauty and health:  Less sugars, difficultly digested proteins and carbs…more veggies.”

The Grade:  A+  Out of nowhere, I went vegetarian this year!  I’m also working at a Vegan cafe and juice bar which allows me to support my new diet and learn a lot about my different options, cooking styles etc.  I’m not doing a ton of carbs, added sugars or dairy and actually aim to be completely dairy free by the end of 2013!

19.  “Relax; stop fretting.”

The Grade:  B     I’m getting there, slowly but surely!  There were lots of things I could have freaked out and melted down about this year, but I stayed pretty resilient and kept it in the road!  No matter what is going on or how overwhelming it may feel, I’ve learned to keep plowing forward and maintain a steady pace!  Consistency is a goal for 2013.

20.  “Surround myself with people I love, who love me back.  Love myself.”

One of my favorite times with the family this year, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the backyard firepit.  If only my brother Sol could have made it.

One of my favorite times with the family this year, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over the backyard firepit. If only my brother Sol could have made it.

The Grade:  A     I spent more quality time with the family this year than I have in a long time and my brother was my roommate for half of the year, before his deployment to Kosovo.  I took cupcakes to school twice for my little cousin, Ian and I spent a week in Florida with my dad.  I took a two-week long trip to Clemson to chill with my BFF Rickey and now I work with my Guru 6 days a week.  Yeah, I loved a lot this year and it felt GREAT!

My final grade for the 2012 Beauty School year is a 63%.  On the college grading scale, that’s a D, so at least I didn’t fail!  Although this may be a time to use some academic redemption hours 🙂  I’m looking so forward to making my New Years Resolutions for 2013.


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