Current Beauty GPA: 2.0…Room for Improvement!

As 2012 winds down, I am looking back in preparation to move forward and certainly upward in 2013.  Yesterday’s post on 2012 Fashion Trends in Review was the first of a series of highlights on the last twelve months.  Today I am traveling back to March 2012, when I did a post on my spring beauty resolutions ( if you missed the original post, you can check it out here:

Spring Beauty!

Spring Beauty!

The March sun was warm and the flowers were blooming, it’s my absolute favorite time of year, so no wonder I was inspired to rehaul my beauty routine! But as a warm sun turned hot, and eventually the leaves began to fall…some of my resolutions fell as well.  To be fair to myself (an important lesson learned in 2012), however, some resolutions were kept so diligently that I even took them up a knotch or two in intensity.  Now it’s time to review the list.  Today’s post will pertain to the first 10 resolutions, and my next post will cover the second half of the list.  I’m taking a big deep breath and a long look in the mirror with this one, here we go!  Time to face the truth.

1.  “Keep my damn hands off my face”

The Grade:  D     I didn’t do so well on this one.  I have a sort of nervous habit of rubbing my face or eyes with my hands, which is gross because it puts all sorts of oils and residue on my face which can leads to clogged pores or break-outs.  I do find that if my nails look nice or if I have on foundation, I’m less likely touch my face because I don’t want to mess my nails or makeup up.  This is definitely one to continue working on in 2013.

2.  “Learn how to do cool braids (fishtail, french, corn-row etc.)”

The Grade:  F     Total fail.  I haven’t even attempted to learn any of these braids, to be honest!  What’s fortunate is that there are copious YouTube videos on the subject just waiting for my viewership.

3.  “Add more variety to my look (particularly hair and makeup)”

Look!  A center part in my hair.  I used to think I couldn't pull it off, now it's one of my new favorite looks.  :)

Look! A center part in my hair. I used to think I couldn’t pull it off, now it’s one of my new favorite looks. 🙂

The Grade:  A+    I did really well with this one.  Diverse looks included changing my hair-color twice (which is outrageous for my first 25 years…I can’t believe I actually put bleach to my dark brown strands!), trying out a few new hairstyles including updos, whereas before I usually just wore my hair parted on the side and straightened. And I will never be one of those makeup mavens whom I admire on YouTube and beauty blogs that can do red carpet makeup.  No, I stick to a basic palate and don’t use too heavy of a hand.  For the most part I’m comfortable with my makeup routine, but sometimes I need to introduce new tricks to my repotoire to spice up my look.  This year I did wear bolder lips on a frequent basic as well as a lot of liquid-eyeliner-cateye action.  I also took to rocking a bindi at times, which certainly adds an exotic flair to any look, and also gets you some strange looks and curious questions down here in the deep South.

4.  “Floss”

The Grade:  Nope.  I will floss in 2013.  But I used a lot of Listerine in 2012, brownie points?

5. ” Drink 64oz of water a day”

The Grade:  B+     I drank a lot of water this year and my intake is only increasing.  I start the day by chugging at least one large glass, often two and continue through out the day into the night.  I also keep a glass by the bed and hardly drink sodas anymore.   So, I’m going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for this one.  My next step is to cut waaaay back on my milk intake, which should improve skin and digestion issues significantly.  I also don’t want cow horomones mixed in with mine, thanks!  I have enough of my own.

6. “Take a multi-vitamin every day”

The Grade:  C     I’m right in the middleground on this one, which means that I really fell off the wagon mid-year, but have picked it back up now that we’re near the end.  I aspire to get back on the honor roll for this resolution in the coming year.

7.  “Take fish-oils, probiotics and frequent local juice bar”

The extremely cool restaurant I work at.

The extremely cool restaurant I work at.

The Grade:      Ok, so I don’t think I’ve taken a fish-oil all year or a probiotic.  BUT I now work at the local juice bar which is also a vegan restaurant….how’s that for one-upping myself?!

8.  “Find the perfect shade of red lipstick, then a perfect fuchsia/purple-y shade”

The Grade:  A     My tastes just changed a little as the year went on, that’s all!  Instead of finding the perfect red, I found a great deep mauve.  The fuchsia/purple-y shade I did find, although it’s a little deeper and vampier than fuchsia would implicate.  Good Job, Katie.

9. ” Wear SPF every. single. day:  face, neck, lips, ears, chest, hands and all other vulnerable areas.”

The Grade:  F-, I’m going to kick myself for this in 30 years!  It’s time to step up the anti-aging game.  27 is rigggght around the corner.  I’m actually sort of looking forward to it though as I’m feeling more and more like a woman every day.  Hips don’t lie!

10.  “Smile, frequently.  For no reason.”



The Grade:  A+     I smiled and laughed a lot in 2012, and it wasn’t the easiest nor simplest year of my life either.  But, I’m definitely cementing my knowledge in the fact that attitude and mentality is everything and even though this year was tough at times, it was also full of laughter and love!  I expect life to carry on in this fashion, as it seems to be a cycle of ups and downs, highs and lows.  Therefore, I expect to keep smiling through the rain.

Happy Apocalypse Friday to all my beautiful readers.  Hopefully this post will be continued…


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