A Fashionable 2012, in Review

Foremost, my apologies for being so absent from the blogesphere as of late!  I’ve recently begun managing and event planning at my guru’s restaurant, which is a six-day-a-week job…so my time has been  limited.  I’ve very much missed sharing my thoughts, opinions and tastes with you guys and vow to make the next step in balancing my duties more efficiently!  (New Year’s Resolution, anyone?)

With that being said, for the past few weeks I’ve been very contemplative of the 2012 year in review.  I will be doing a series over the next few days, recapping some of my favorite highlights from throughout the year, and am beginning the series today with…drumroll…Fashion Trends!  I warn, this is not a comprehensive list (that would perhaps take a whole new blog address), but is instead a highlighting of my most favorite hits of the year.  A few of which I will definitely be ushering in the new year with, as long as we dont all spontaneously combust in two days.  And we’re off!!

Trend#1  Peplum!!

Gwen Stefanie puplum

Peplum was a ladylike trend that lit the runways on fire this Spring, and soon hit the magazines as well, with a host of huge stars repping the look.  Gwen Stephanie roughed the ultra feminine look up with expertise in the above look, putting her own spin to it per usual.  The look was also seen on Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Kim K and many many more.

Trend #2   Mixed Prints

Photo courtesey of Indulgy.com

This trend is one that I have decided to permanently incorporate into my wardrobe, since I love it so very much.  Mixing two or more prints (proceed beyond 2 with caution) adds a unique flair to any look no matter how casual or formal. And unique is a key goal of my wardrobe endeavors! Below I rocked the look, earlier this summer…


Trend #3  Statement Necklaces

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is modeling the statement necklace trend that hit hard in 2012, from the runway to sorority halls!  I actually saw this look all over Columbia, SC, which is not exactly a fashion capital.  This indicates how deeply the statement necklace penetrated our style culture in a short period of time, and per usual…I stayed away from it personally because I saw it too much on the streets.  I am, however, considering indulging myself in 2013 with the statement necklace.  With my own spin, of course.  Stay tuned!

Trend #4  Ombre Hair

Photo courtesey of Seagullhair.com

Photo courtesey of Seagullhair.com

This hair-color technique got big a few years ago and has continued to maintain its popularity; rare for such a bold trend.  I tried it out myself earlier this year and fell madly in love!  Somewhere towards fall I decided to go back to my brunette roots, but I really miss the ombre look and will be repeating it come Spring.  Fasho!  See below, for my version.

107_0373If anyone in the greater Columbia area would like my hair stylist’s information, by all means leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll get you her contact info.  She’s a rockstar!

Trend #5   Oxblood

Photo Courtesey of TheFrisky.com

Photo Courtesey of TheFrisky.com

This one was and is huge for Fall/Winter 2012.  The lovely, deep, rich color speaks volumes for itself and hit the runways and sidewalks in every way possible:  Clothes, shoes, bags, nails….the list goes on!  This color may also become a wardrobe staple for ya girl!  It’s a very flattering color on myself, and most for that matter!

Trend #6  Wedge Sneakers

Photo Courtesey of Ashleythefashionguru.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesey of Ashleythefashionguru.blogspot.com

This is a trend I admire, but never tried my hand (or foot?) at this year.  It’s edgy, fashion-forward, versatile and comfortable!  Most people either love them or hate them, no in between.

Fashion Trend # 7   Luxe Sweatshirts

Photo Courtesey of Elle.com

Photo Courtesey of Elle.com

I Love, Love, Love this one!  I plan on rocking this HARD for the remainder of SC’s “cold” months.  It appeals strongly to my tomboy-chic sense of fashion lately and allows for glam and comfort all in one.  Pair this with some jeans and wedge sneakers and you have a dramatically casual look!  Please plan on seeing me in this frequently and even doing some “How-To” posts on making your own at home.

That wraps up the looks that made 2012 exciting and fashionable in my little world!  What were your favorite looks?  Which ones have the staying power to still rein supreme in 2013 (if the world doesn’t end)?


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