The Laboratory is Open to Visitors…Outfit Science

If you read yesterday’s post, you’re in the loop regarding the exciting activities of  last Friday–my agent has landed her own reality show, The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu, and we shot episode 1 on Friday.  It was a fun adventure, as well as a very educational experience.  I love trying new things… including restaurants!  After a very long day (the television shoot was sandwiched between the two legs of my nine-hour shift at the restaurant), my friend Casey and I went to dinner at a restaurant I’d never been to before, Momo’s on Devine, an upscale bistro on the very hip Devine Street in downtown Columbia, South Carolina.  What better way to unwind than with delicious food, good wine, live jazz and wonderful company?  I can’t think of any…  More on the dining experience in a post that is soon to come; for now lets focus on the outfit of the occasion!

You can see the ensemble from the chest up in the above shot, and here it is from head to toe:


Turn up the lights in here baby; Extra bright I want y’all to see this!

I had just purchased this Godfather t-shirt, which is my absolute favorite movie (to drive home my point, let me inform you that I fell asleep watching The Godfather Part II last night)!  I paired the cut off t-shirt with my new high-waisted, almost knee-length leapord skirt. It made for a lovely silhouette that way, but considering the t-shirt is sleeveless, I added a Grandpa sweater that I’ve had for years to warm things up a bit.

In an attempt to maintain the hour-glass effect of the original outfit (pre-Grandpa sweater), I cinched the waist with a black and brown waist belt and added black pumps.  My earrings are composed of a gold strand of chain that is connected to both earring hooks, creating a necklace effect.  They really took the outfit up a notch, in my opinion, and inspired my friend Casey to call me a hipster.  Coming from a New Yorker, I took that as a real compliment! The earrings were from a customer at the restaurant I work at, she makes them and sells them for $3 a piece!   What a steal for a very unique find.  If you’re interested in purchasing a pair like these from the jeweler, or in seeing her other products you can email her at  Her name is Marquitta.

Looking back on this outfit, it could have used a splash of color.  Perhaps next time I will wear my purple waist belt with the gold buckle.

Now the moment of truth!  How much did it cost?

Earrings:  $3

Shirt:  $13 (Forever21)

Skirt:  $8 (Ross)

Belt:  $8 (Forever21)

Shoes:  $30 (Payless)

Anklet:  $10

Bracelet:  I can’t really remember, but will estimate around $8

Grand total…including all accessories:  $72, which was way less than our meals.  I’m just saying.  *Brushes shoulders off*

I love you guys!  See ya soon and the Happiest of Happy New Years to you all!!


Reality TV and Aerial Skills…A Day of Firsts!

Good evening gorgeous and brilliant readers!  I’m so excited to share that my agent, Ericka DeAbreu, owner of DeAbreu Modeling, has scored her own reality show! The show is called The New Rules of Glam and will begin airing on AD VYBE TV in January 2013. The series documents Ericka’s glamorous daily activities and will feature copious tips from her on fashion, beauty, health and fitness.

Here is a still shot of her doing an interview for the show:


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

She graciously asked myself and a few of her other talent to appear in the first episode, which we shot yesterday at Fuel Fitness and Dance in Columbia, South Carolina. It was a workout scene and what a workout it was! We did aerial aerobics with the sweet and beautiful owner, Nicole. What are aerial aerobics?, you might ask. Think, Cirque de Soleil style yoga. Better yet, check out these pics from yesterday’s shoot:


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

Thats me in the very back, with the pink tank on.


Photo Courtesey of The New Rules of Glam with Ericka DeAbreu

The woman in the focal point of this photo, wearing all black, is my hard-working agent herself…striking an aerial pose.

The experiences of the day were beneficial in many different ways.  I absolutely loved the workout itself!  It’s exotic, you watch yourself in the mirror while you exercise and for once I felt beautiful while burning calories!  But don’t let the glam effect fool you, I woke up with very sore abs, arms and pecs the following morning.  The studio was beautiful, the instructor was patient, helpful and skilled!  Aside from the actual workout, being filmed for a television show and watching the work that goes into a production like this was a major learning and life experience.  I’m happy and proud to have been a part of it and cant wait to tune into the first episode next month.  I will make sure to keep you guys posted on the dates, times, channel and developments.

If you would like to check out the Fuel Fitness and Dance website, click here:  They offer a variety of cutting edge dance infused fitness classes ranging from belly dance and hot yoga to country line dancing and of course aerial skills!

To see the trailer for Ericka’s reality show, visit here:  She’s a baddy!!

And….if you’re in South Carolina and looking for a talent agent representing children and adult talent interested in modeling and/or acting, learn more on Ericka’s agency site at:!

I’m Loving My…

…ostentatious gold hoop earrings!

Katie and Mommy

My beautiful mother and me, celebrating Christmas at Grandma’s!

I bought these inexpensive earrings a few days ago and have worn them every day since!  They add a certain edge to the most mundane of outfits, and lend drama to an up-do or peeking out from beneath long strands.  Believe it or not, they’re extremely light-weight as well.  One of my ears is stretched out, so I have to be careful of the weight that I put on it and these are feather light!

If you like the look, find these earrings at almost any inexpensive retail store.


Vintage Chanel Jewelry is Now Available for Rent on

Good morning beautiful readers!  I sincerely hope you all had a fabulous Holiday with your family, friends and loved ones.  And I don’t even have to ask if you looked fresh for all of your holiday photo-ops, because I already know!  The question is, did anyone else practice their picture smile in the mirror while putting on makeup?  Ahem.

My Christmas was wonderfully spent with my immediate family in sweater-weather SC, sadly sans my little brother, who is currently serving the USA in Kosovo.  He was greatly missed, but was with us in spirit as we ate, laughed and exchanged gifts.  My favorite gifts of the year are my Heat Rush by Beyoncé perfume, a few books:  The Freelancer’s Bible, Harper Bazaar’s Fabulous at Every Age and Lessons from Madame Chic:  20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris. 

My family seemed pleased with the gifts I chose for them as well, and most of all we reveled being in each others’ company in good health and spirits.

As the festivities wound down into pajama time, I was navigating the fashion internet and discovered on my periodic trip to that they now offer VINTAGE CHANEL JEWELRY for rent on their site!! I half-heartedly apologize for yelling at you, but I’m seriously excited and hope you are too!  These classic pieces are usually reserved for the rich and/or famous with prices into the thousands, but now you can rent them for your special event (or everyday use, whatever your style may be) at a minor fraction of the purchase cost.  Naturally, it would be much more gratifying to provide them with a permanent home in my jewelry box…but who has a jewelry budget that equates to two-months rent?!  Not this girl!  Check out some of my favorite pics below, and peep the entire collection at


Retail for $880; Rent for $100


Retails at $1,210; Rent for $100


Retail $1,870; Rent $175


Retail $1,430; Rent $125


Bags Too! Retails at $3,960; Rent for $250

Of course I can’t just stick to the accessories section of any site, so I found some amazing dresses as well.  This one was my favorite…

16615_studdedjerseycutoutgown_1343080101_921This navy blue, jersey-knit, studded, cut-out Zac Posen dress is so beautiful, elegant and edgy in one swoop.  The front is an off-the-shoulder swoop neck that apparently requires double-sided tape to make sure the girls don’t make an unexpected appearance!  I only know this because the site offers handy customer reviews of each dress as well as uploaded photos from customers (so you can see how the dress fits on a normal human versus Avatar).  This Zac Posen gown retails for $495 but can be rented for 4 days in two different sizes (your size and a back-up size) for $100.  It may seem a little impractical, but how many people want to wear the same gown multiple times to major events?  Especially a formal gown.  So why make repeat outfit appearances at $500 a pop, when you can get your wear out of it once for 1/5 of the cost?  That’s my logic at least…

Photo courtesy of

Girl Crush Karla Channels Rihanna, IMO

Girl Crush Karla

This year, I’ve fallen hard for, a great fashion blog from jewelry designer and fashionista Karla, pictured above.  She epitomizes the chameleon like aesthetic that I so admire and goes from uptown to downtown without missing a beat.  It’s no big secret that I very much admire Rihanna’s fashion sense even more than I admire her music and that body!  I find Karla’s style to incorporate a lot of the same elements as Rih’s:  Luxe sweatshirts, edgy accessories and skinny pants, sky-high designer heels and spiked nails.