Just Dance V: In the Bathroom Mirror

For years I’ve tried to motivate myself to stick with a workout plan, or hell, even begin one for that matter.  As much as I’ve always been interested in beauty and fashion, a structured (which to the Aquarian is an often glodom-and-doom idea) exercise regimin has never been much of an interest. I rationalize this to be for a couple of different reasons:  I’m not competitive, except against myself.  I don’t like swapping sweat with strangers at the gym and too much monotany bores me to death!  But all that said, I’m not a particularly lazy person. I very much enjoy the great outdoors, strenuous 😉 walks, yoga, and my favorite way to work it out is through dancing!

My bestie Rickey and myself….working it out!

I will sweat my makeup off if the right DJ is on the ones and twos.  Often times that on point DJ ends up being me…in my apartment.  Since middle school I’ve been guilty of bathroom-mirror-dancing up a storm for hours at a time.  I’ll put on some sky high heels and perfect my moves along to my favorite artists of the moment.  In middle school it was Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child.  In high school it was still Destiny’s Child, but throw a little Ciara in the mix!  Now it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, any new dance song and sprinklings of my old school stuff.  Talk about a workout!  I have no idea how many calories I’ve burnt in these cardio sessions but I can tell you I’ve woken up the next day plenty of times with sore abs, legs and a sore booty!  The heels really pump up the intensity and so do ambitious, low to the ground dance moves…not all of which I have debuted publicly and probably never will.  Somethings need to remain private…ha!  As silly as it would look to a fly on the wall, I have the best time in Club Katie and hope I continue the tradition for the rest of my life!  It really does keep me young at heart, and my little cousins think I’m really cool when I Cat Daddy with them.  Recently, I’ve discovered a trick to amp up the intensity of my at home workouts and also give them a little more, ahem, structure.  This trick is the video game Just Dance!

I have been playing with my cousins and could seriously keep at it for hours.  On Thanksgiving we were battling it out and it dawned on me that I could be doing this in the privacy of my own home every day..in heels!  Not so much a gamer, the thought had never crossed my mind.  But I’m happy to say that Just Dance IV is now on my Christmas list.  Come 2013, yall better watch out on the dance floor and on the beach.  My moves and my glutes are going to be poppin!!  Now here’s to making sure my blinds are closed….


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