Chittlin’ Strutting…Y’all.

On Saturday, I hosted the first annual Car and Bike Show of the 47th Annual, World Famous, Salley, SC Chittlin’ Strut!  My small southern hometown has this annual festival dedicated to the “chittlin” or chitterling, to be more official.  For those of you who aren’t versed in deep South cuisine, a chitterling is the intestine of a pig that is cleaned and cooked to your liking!  The most popular methods of preration are boiled and fried; either comes with a healthy dose of hot sauce.  I have personally never worked up the nerve to try one of these bad boys; my new-found vegetarianism gives me a convenient new excuse for avoidance.

The Strut’s schedule of events includes such attractions as a beauty pageant, carnival rides, helicopter rides, carnival food, live music (this year, we had The Root Doctors), a parade and now a Car and Bike Show!  My childhood friend (we met in the first grade) Monica was one of the organizers for the show; isn’t she’s such a young entrepreneur?  This is a picture of us getting ready for the parade on Saturday morning.

In attempt to drum up attention and interest in the show’s first year, we rode in the parade with signs giving information on the location and time of the show.  We were supposed to be riding in the back of a drop-top old school car, but the guy didn’t show up so we had to scramble for an immediate substitute.  Monica’s got good friends who know how to come through when you need them, with a Lincoln pick up truck at that.  Check out our parade ride below.

Me cheesin’ in the back of the Lincoln, having a great time!

Monica before the parade

The Car and Bike show was from 2-6 in a large lot behind the Strut’s fair grounds.  Individual owners and Car Clubs alike showed up in droves for the show and competition.  Everyone hung out and scoped out each others’ cars while listening to music provided by DJ Sixcess from Hot 97.9 until around 6, which was when the winners were announced for each category.  I wish had more pictures of the cars to share with you, but I was slacking on the photo ops in the midst of all the excitement.  This was my favorite car of the day.

The after party began around 10pm at a local night club; it was packed out!  Again, camera duty was slipping but it was a long day and by that time, we were all ready to unwind and let loose with friends and good music.  Great job in event execution by Monica and her crew!  I’m proud to have been a part of the event and look forward to many more successful shows from these guys who are bringing new interest and commerce to our small town.  Generation X is enterprising, y’all!


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