WG’s “About” Section Has Been Updated with Juiccccy Details!

Good Morning Readers and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I hope all of you have the day off tomorrow, or better yet TODAY, and that you get to spend it with your most loved of loved ones.

On a bloggy note, I’ve updated my “About” section with many more details about myself and my background.  If you’re curious, read below!  Peace, love and layers!

About Me:

Katie is the author of fashion blog Whimsington Gardens.  A South Carolina native, Katie attended Clemson University majoring in English Literature.  She became a student of style at a young age from the depths of her chic grandmother’s walk-in closets.  Fashion quickly became a passion, means of self-expression and a way of life.  After Clemson and a subsequent two year stay in Charleston, Katie returned to Columbia to begin as New Faces Director for DeAbreu Modeling Agency, where she managed the careers of newly signed models and actors.  While working with DeAbreu, Katie gained extensive experience as a talent scout, fashion show and event coordinator, private shopper, personal stylist and Master of Ceremonies (MC).  She has since transitioned to self-employment and works on a free lance basis.  In addition to her own modeling career, Katie writes Whimsington Gardens and continues to offer her services as a private shopper, personal stylist and MC.


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