Welcome to My Laboratory: Outfit Science II

Recently, my life has been very mobile.  Friends are frequent to comment, “OMG, do you live out of your car?!”…why yes, for the last month…yes.  Since I made the change to being basically self-employed, I have been very much enjoying my newfound freedom.  I spent three weeks bouncing around SC and GA visiting friends and have now hunkered down in Small Town, USA to spend this holiday week and weekend with my immediate family and hometown friends.

Now, although it may upon first glance look like I have my entire wardrobe crammed into my trunk and backseat, I actually don’t.  I probably only have like 1/10 of it and I’ve had to get pretty creative with what I’ve been working with the past month.  I must say, I’ve done pretty damn well!  The above outfit is my most recent triumph from the depths of the Honda!

This outfit is nothing I would have put together on a normal basis, but I absolutely love it!  The blouse is from Love Culture, the cablenit sweater is a Gap classic, capris are YMI brand from Belk and the shoes are Guess from Marshalls!  I can’t remember how much everything cost, but I think the whole thing probably rounds out around $90.  Not bad at all for some really great and versatile pieces.  I have worn each of these items in soo many different ways to so many different places.  The blouse I just bought two weeks ago and I’ve already worn it 4 different ways (sorry, I don’t have pictures.  I’m going to get much better about taking photos of my outfits to post on here…soon!)

So, as for my insights on the above look.  I thought it would be interesting to color-block two different shades of blue for this look.  The multi-colored snake-skin shirt is what really pulls the blues together and adds a splash of dimension to the whole look.  It’s important that the shirt peek out wherever possible (hence the rolled up sleeves).  I paired it with these nude shoes, A.  Because they are my absolute favorite.  I put them on and I feel like sex on a stick.  B.  They don’t compete with the outfit!

My accessories are all vintage gold and my makeup is about as heavy as I like to go.  As for my hair, I’m going to go ahead and be really honest.  I do not like to put much effort into my hair.  Blowing it out and straightening it takes like 30 minutes that I’d rather spend hanging out and chillin.  So, messy buns are the most fashionable and quick solution these days and I happen to like the look more than long waves for the most part.  I don’t really like for my hair to compete with my face and it really tries its best to.  Again, it sort of depends on the look.  My hair would compete with this entire outfit so I’d rather it keep to itself.  Also, I don’t like for my looks to seem as though I tried too hard.  If something is too polished or “done” I get a little bored.  So my hair gives it the feel that I didn’t put nearly as much effort into looking fabulous as I could have…right?  Right…

Hope you dig!


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