Outfit Science

Thursday night I attended two photography events.  A friend of mine had her student art show at USC and JosuhaAaron Photography was celebrating the opening of their very cool new studio in The Vista.  I felt the occasion called for me to jazz it up a little beyond my usual jeans and layers.  Above is the resulting ensemble.

None of the clothing items are new and I’ve never worn any of the pieces together before, this is a totally brand new outfit from clothes I already had in my closet.  A couple of which I’ve had for years.  The skirt I’m wearing is very trendy right now; when I wear trends I try to wear them in a way that is individualistic and unexpected.  Also, I wanted to find balance with the femininity of the skirt.  Super feminine is not my style, so the leopard and leather were added to supply some much needed edge.  My hair is up as to not compete with the outfit and the hells are black to tie back into the vest.  I didn’t want things to get too busy.  As promised, there is some major bun action and vampy lipness going on here.  This photo was taken at my friend’s student gallery.  Her collection of photographs all featured women holding household tools that can also be used as weapons.  The pitchfork was an element in a few of the photos and was at the gallery as a prop and conversation piece that each person had their picture taken with.  It was a great night for creative minds and creativity consumers to mix, mingle, eat and converse.


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