Fresh (&) On My Mind….Pretties

It’s time for a miniature rehaul of my look. Nothing major, I just feel the need for some gusts of fresh air into my current repertoire. Tonight I scaled the blogs and sites for inspiration, as follows.

First, a new tattoo is soon to come, within the week…these things take time for the Cancer Ascendent (Astrology jargon).  Pictures to come soon after application.

Hairstyles to Try:

Recently I’ve been wearing my hair in a brunette bun very similar to the one depicted above. Adding a funky colored hair piece or some face framing lace should definitely serve to spice things up a bit.

Maxi Skirt split to here….

This skirt is sexy and bold without having to show all your legs and both your cheeks.  #Ratchett


Stud Earrings at

Locket at

Anklet at

Dainty gold jewelry is all I want to wear lately.  I used to be a slave to the big chandelier earrings, but the biggest and boldest I like to go now are huge J-Lo hoops.  Big and Bold as they may be, in essence they’re just a simple thin loop of gold wire.  These three items are hot on my radar.  I find that studs work very nicely with my minimalist look from the neck up and sometimes add unexpected drama that a pair of danglers couldn’t.

Currently my neck piece of choice (or not so much) is a totem given to me by a friend.  It’s an African necklace with a stone turtle talisman, to encourage patience in my life.  I have to wear it until it falls off.  Considering I find impatience to be burdensome and the necklace to be unsightly, I’m looking forward to it excusing itself from my neck.  Once it does, it will be replaced with a locket.  I want a locket for a few different reasons.  1.  It’s vintage charm.  2.  I want to put pictures in it that I can always have on me.  My personality is sometimes a dichotomy.  I must fly off into new adventures of the unknown on a frequent basis, but simultaneously have a strong connection with my family.  With a locket, I can have their photos with me wherever I go to remind myself that they’re always with me.

The anklet just needs to be brought back in a serious manner.  I intend on being that agent of change.



Ok, so this nail shape has been in since, well, since Rhianna’s hair was long and red.  But that would be about the time I was banned from wearing nail polish.  So, I’m reclaiming 2011/2012 and I’m riding this wave into shore.  My nails pretty much look exactly like Rhi’s in the above picture right now, both shape and color.  They aren’t as long though.

The Clean Face + Vampy Lip

Kate Bosworth in

Very striking, simple, clean and fresh.  You go Kate!

So that about sums it up, for today.  Luckily, this evening I have two events to go to that simply require creative attire (in my opinion)!  The gallery openings of über talented photographer friends.  Eek!


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