Just Dance V: In the Bathroom Mirror

For years I’ve tried to motivate myself to stick with a workout plan, or hell, even begin one for that matter.  As much as I’ve always been interested in beauty and fashion, a structured (which to the Aquarian is an often glodom-and-doom idea) exercise regimin has never been much of an interest. I rationalize this to be for a couple of different reasons:  I’m not competitive, except against myself.  I don’t like swapping sweat with strangers at the gym and too much monotany bores me to death!  But all that said, I’m not a particularly lazy person. I very much enjoy the great outdoors, strenuous 😉 walks, yoga, and my favorite way to work it out is through dancing!

My bestie Rickey and myself….working it out!

I will sweat my makeup off if the right DJ is on the ones and twos.  Often times that on point DJ ends up being me…in my apartment.  Since middle school I’ve been guilty of bathroom-mirror-dancing up a storm for hours at a time.  I’ll put on some sky high heels and perfect my moves along to my favorite artists of the moment.  In middle school it was Aaliyah and Destiny’s Child.  In high school it was still Destiny’s Child, but throw a little Ciara in the mix!  Now it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, any new dance song and sprinklings of my old school stuff.  Talk about a workout!  I have no idea how many calories I’ve burnt in these cardio sessions but I can tell you I’ve woken up the next day plenty of times with sore abs, legs and a sore booty!  The heels really pump up the intensity and so do ambitious, low to the ground dance moves…not all of which I have debuted publicly and probably never will.  Somethings need to remain private…ha!  As silly as it would look to a fly on the wall, I have the best time in Club Katie and hope I continue the tradition for the rest of my life!  It really does keep me young at heart, and my little cousins think I’m really cool when I Cat Daddy with them.  Recently, I’ve discovered a trick to amp up the intensity of my at home workouts and also give them a little more, ahem, structure.  This trick is the video game Just Dance!

I have been playing with my cousins and could seriously keep at it for hours.  On Thanksgiving we were battling it out and it dawned on me that I could be doing this in the privacy of my own home every day..in heels!  Not so much a gamer, the thought had never crossed my mind.  But I’m happy to say that Just Dance IV is now on my Christmas list.  Come 2013, yall better watch out on the dance floor and on the beach.  My moves and my glutes are going to be poppin!!  Now here’s to making sure my blinds are closed….


Chittlin’ Strutting…Y’all.

On Saturday, I hosted the first annual Car and Bike Show of the 47th Annual, World Famous, Salley, SC Chittlin’ Strut!  My small southern hometown has this annual festival dedicated to the “chittlin” or chitterling, to be more official.  For those of you who aren’t versed in deep South cuisine, a chitterling is the intestine of a pig that is cleaned and cooked to your liking!  The most popular methods of preration are boiled and fried; either comes with a healthy dose of hot sauce.  I have personally never worked up the nerve to try one of these bad boys; my new-found vegetarianism gives me a convenient new excuse for avoidance.

The Strut’s schedule of events includes such attractions as a beauty pageant, carnival rides, helicopter rides, carnival food, live music (this year, we had The Root Doctors), a parade and now a Car and Bike Show!  My childhood friend (we met in the first grade) Monica was one of the organizers for the show; isn’t she’s such a young entrepreneur?  This is a picture of us getting ready for the parade on Saturday morning.

In attempt to drum up attention and interest in the show’s first year, we rode in the parade with signs giving information on the location and time of the show.  We were supposed to be riding in the back of a drop-top old school car, but the guy didn’t show up so we had to scramble for an immediate substitute.  Monica’s got good friends who know how to come through when you need them, with a Lincoln pick up truck at that.  Check out our parade ride below.

Me cheesin’ in the back of the Lincoln, having a great time!

Monica before the parade

The Car and Bike show was from 2-6 in a large lot behind the Strut’s fair grounds.  Individual owners and Car Clubs alike showed up in droves for the show and competition.  Everyone hung out and scoped out each others’ cars while listening to music provided by DJ Sixcess from Hot 97.9 until around 6, which was when the winners were announced for each category.  I wish had more pictures of the cars to share with you, but I was slacking on the photo ops in the midst of all the excitement.  This was my favorite car of the day.

The after party began around 10pm at a local night club; it was packed out!  Again, camera duty was slipping but it was a long day and by that time, we were all ready to unwind and let loose with friends and good music.  Great job in event execution by Monica and her crew!  I’m proud to have been a part of the event and look forward to many more successful shows from these guys who are bringing new interest and commerce to our small town.  Generation X is enterprising, y’all!

So Icy; Frosted Nails Part Duex

I’ve been traveling and spending a lot of time in my hometown in the last month, but just this week I made it back to my apartment in the city for a brief stint of about two days. It was just enough time to catch up with friends that were in town for Thanksgiving, do laundry, run errands and not of the least importance:  Locate this fingernail polish!  My nails have been craving it for about a week now, and at last my thirst has been quenched for this baby/icy blue hue.

The color is “Dreamer” by Revlon.  I have on two coats and a no-chip top coat for good measure.

The nail polish actually inspired my outfit choice for the Chittlin’ Strut parade on Saturday.  I absolutely love wearing cool colors in the winter.

Smiling soley because my nails are blue!

WG’s “About” Section Has Been Updated with Juiccccy Details!

Good Morning Readers and Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I hope all of you have the day off tomorrow, or better yet TODAY, and that you get to spend it with your most loved of loved ones.

On a bloggy note, I’ve updated my “About” section with many more details about myself and my background.  If you’re curious, read below!  Peace, love and layers!

About Me:

Katie is the author of fashion blog Whimsington Gardens.  A South Carolina native, Katie attended Clemson University majoring in English Literature.  She became a student of style at a young age from the depths of her chic grandmother’s walk-in closets.  Fashion quickly became a passion, means of self-expression and a way of life.  After Clemson and a subsequent two year stay in Charleston, Katie returned to Columbia to begin as New Faces Director for DeAbreu Modeling Agency, where she managed the careers of newly signed models and actors.  While working with DeAbreu, Katie gained extensive experience as a talent scout, fashion show and event coordinator, private shopper, personal stylist and Master of Ceremonies (MC).  She has since transitioned to self-employment and works on a free lance basis.  In addition to her own modeling career, Katie writes Whimsington Gardens and continues to offer her services as a private shopper, personal stylist and MC.

WG is Now Offering Personal Styling Services!

If you would like to book a service or ask questions, please contact me at kpgantt@gmail.com!

Please note, I am local to Columbia South Carolina.  Travel outside of a 3o mile radius will call for an increase in service cost. Thank you for understanding.

Prior to any service, a preliminary questionnaire will be completed by the client so that I may gain a basic understanding of the client’s needs and what they hope to gain from their chosen service.  After the questionnaire is completed, the client and I will have a brief conversation to further assess the client’s concerns and desires.  This preliminary consultation is complimentary.

 Please keep in mind that prices include the cost of travel, time spent after the service compiling the client’s report and free fashion advice on an as needed basis after the services are rendered.


Wardrobe Consultation (at least 3 hours)

 The wardrobe consultation will begin with an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle, color chart and health and beauty routines.  We will discover what colors and cuts are most flattering to your complexion and figure as well as discuss possible alterations to your current health and beauty routines.

 We will then systematically go through your entire wardrobe, dividing clothing into four piles.  1. Clothes to Keep  2. Clothes to Alter  3. Clothes to Donate  4. Clothes to Sell

 With a little open-mindedness and creativity I will put together entirely new outfits from the clothes already existing in your wardrobe.  We will then create a list of items (clothing, accessories, shoes etc.)  that should to be purchased to fill the gaps in the wardrobe in order to create that foundational closet.

For the clothes to alter pile, I can provide information on where to get clothing altered.  For the clothes to donate pile, I can arrange for clothing to be picked up and donated to a local charity.                                                                                                                                               For the clothes to sell pile, I can sell these items for you on Ebay and return 50% of the sale price to you.

 Most clients find the wardrobe consultation to be very liberating and cathartic.  Out with the old to make way for the new!  After the wardrobe consultation, you will have a confident sense of what you already have and what you need to aquire in order to build a basic wardrobe.  Once the foundation is laid, you can use my tips to continue to grow and update your closet.

 After this service, I will compile a report for you based on our experience together.  This report will include tips on sizing, color, health and beauty routines, recommended stores, websites and more!

Cost of Wardrobe Consultation $100 for 3 hours (+$35 for each additional hour)

Personal Shopping (at least 3 hours)

This service is best rendered in addition to the Wardrobe Consultation, so that I have an in-depth understanding of your wardrobe’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Personal Shopping service consists of a brief consultation so that I may get to know you and your needs more thoroughly before we strike out on our shopping adventure.  After deciding upon your needs, tastes and budget we will take to either the malls or high-end boutiques to find unique and flattering items to update your wardrobe.  If you desire, you can relax in the dressing room while I hand choose items for you to try on.  We will shop for clothes, jewelry, under garments, shoes, accessories and whatever else your wardrobe requires.  If we can’t find what you need in person, I’ll ensure that we find it online!

After making purchases, I’ll return home with you to blend your new items in with the old to create fresh looks and make the transition seamless.

After this service, I will compile a report for you based on our experience together.  This report will include tips on sizing, color, health and beauty routines, recommended stores, websites and more!

Cost of Personal Shopping $100 for 3 hours (+$35/hour for each additional hour)

Personal Styling

This service is typically rendered for a particular event or occasion, but is not limited to such cases.

Do you need a professional look for job interviews?

Do you need a fabulous wardrobe for your upcoming vacation?

Do you have a photo shoot coming up?

Are you a beauty pageant contestant?

Are you attending an important social event?

Are you a musician who needs a cutting edge look to match your sound?

Sometimes life’s big events call for us to dress the part in order to feel confident!  If you need wardrobe solutions for your big moment, I can help.  Together we will go shopping and put together some head to toe looks that will leave you standing tall and standing out from the crowd.

After this service, I will compile a report for your based on our experience together.  This report will include tips on sizing, color, health and beauty routines, recommended stores and websites and more!

Cost of Personal Styling $35/hour

If you would like to book a service or ask questions, please contact me at kpgantt@gmail.com!