If You Got It, Flaunt It. That Goes for Noses Too!

I was hanging out with my wiener dog, Andrew Casey Chad Knight McCall, the other afternoon just watching some tv and eating candy corn (both of us).  On commercial break, I caught myself admiring his very regal nose and decided at last that his lengthy name fit.  Casey (for short) has a very long nose with a prominent bump at the tip of it and as ostentatious as it may be, it actually lends to his looks.  Without it one might focus too much on his lengthy torso (there’s an outfit for that!!).

This set me to thinking about how so many people (including myself at one time) have a love/hate relationship with their noses!  But if we all just embrace what the Lord gave us and rock it out to the best of our abilities, we would see that our so called “flaws” enhance our looks.  Check out the following traffic stopping celebs, who would be plain and cookie-cutter without their distinct noses.  And who likes that?! (Answer:  People with no vision).

She’s absolutely stunning here and in every photo I’ve ever seen her in.  She was also made fun of for her forehead in the media…but in reality it absolutely contributes to her unique beauty, as does her nose. Who wants to look exactly like a barbie doll?  Boring.

Uma’s nose kind of reminds me of Casey’s:  Roman and Refined.

I used to think the tip of my nose was too bulbous and that it wasn’t streamlined enough.  I got over that a while back, but running accross this picture of supermodel Adrienna Lima reminded me to rock it out extra hard from here on out.

I can’t leave her off of the list.  Probably the most famously made fun of nose in Hollywood is that belonging to Sarah Jessica Parker.  And just to show us she doesn’t give two shits what we think…she wears hairstyles like this that dare to Emphasize her nose.  Badass points in my book.

Bringing sexy back.  And he’s an Aquarius, I might add.

I don’t care what the people say, Jay-Z is one sexy individual.  He has been publicly made fun of for his nose and lips in the media, from other rappers etc.  He’s even referenced the frequent joke “Joe Camel” in his lyrics.  But I bet you he hasn’t missed a beat as he’s gone on to reach heights of success most don’t even dare to dream of. New BFF’s with Obama, anyone?  And he started on lower rungs of that ladder than most.  #DiamondsUp

Whatever your pet-peeve feature may be…if you can’t change it by natural measures, find a way to put a positive spin on it and forget about it.  Or maybe even embrace it enough to emphasize it ala SJP.  Do it big, be bold and be Confident!  YOLO and whatnot.

“If you got it, flaunt it.  Boy I know you want it.”  Beyonce


2 thoughts on “If You Got It, Flaunt It. That Goes for Noses Too!

  1. Thank you for writing this. I have had a lot bad feelings towards my nose. Other people tell me it’s just unique and I shouldn’t have surgery.

    • Hi Lindsey! I should be thanking you; your feedback means the world. I think you should absolutely embrace your nose as it’s beautiful and it’s a part of what makes you your own unique person. It takes courage and strength to feel beautiful in your own skin.

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