Fascinating Article from Refinery29: Do French Girls Really Do Beauty Better?

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Image Courtesey of Refinery29.com

This is a brilliant article featuring 3 inspirational interviews with 3 chic French ladies who posess that certain je ne sais quoi.  There have always been undertones of the French in my dress and beauty routines (I very much prefer minimalism in makeup application and hair styling…don’t ask me where Beyonce fits into thie picture), but recently I am erring more and more on the side of understated elegance.  It all goes back to CoCo Before Chanel, I tell you:  https://whimsingtongardens.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/i-read-i-watched-i-listened-i-was/.  If you too, like to look effortlessly lovely and uncalculatedly stylish (even if it took hours of calculation to get there), this link is a must read and a tutorial on how to upgrade your ezsy breezy style.


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