Tom Hardy? I’ll take 2!

Having no internet often makes me feel like I live under a rock…I miss the presidential debates, I miss video footage of women being beaten up by city bus drivers and apparently I missed all The Dark Knight Rises trailers, becuase I feel sure this would have caught my attention…

Hello Bane!!!  Aka British actor, future baby-daddy Tom Hardy.

Fortunately I have a father who knows and encourages (although it has backfired before) the fact that I love a good gangster flick (The Godfather I and II are the best movies EVER) and took me to see Lawless.  It was love at first sight.

This film is the first movie since Titanic that I would willingly go see in theaters again, it was phenomenol! The story details the rise and fall of the prohibition era moonshiner family, the Bondurants.  Tom plays Forrest, the family’s Boss, so to speak.  It was a gangster flick from a complete different angle. These boys might have been from the mountains, but trust and believe they played NO games.

Here he is in Lawless

And will you look at that…here he is Shirtless

Enjoy yoselves Ladies! Happy Hump Day 😉


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