Katie’s Twist on the New Neutrals

I was perusing a few of my favorite blogs this afternoon, a daily ritual when at all possible, when I came accross some real inspiration on my currently favorite fashion blog:  Refinery29.  I found the article The 5 Neutrals That Go With Everything very in tune with some insights I’ve recently had about new neutrals.  A neutral is basically a versatile color, print or pattern that can work with almost anything.  The classic standby neutrals are brown, black, navy blue, white, cream etc.  The Refinery29 article highlited some excellently fresh newbies, my favorites being oxblood and pale pink.  Note:  Oxblood is without a doubt the HOTTEST color trend for fall and winter 2012.  Look into my eyes.  Trust me.

Oxblooded Out Celebs

Pale Pink

If you want to read the original article over at Refinery29 in its entirety follow this link: http://www.refinery29.com/neutrals .  Now…on to my additions.


I dress it up, I dress it down.  I thug it out, I glam it up.  There are so many possibilites depending on the cut and style of the piece.  I do, however, avoid going overboard with the look, keeping it at only one garment in camo and making sure the rest doesn’t get too busy which is a very real possibility with this print.

Leopard matches Everything!!

I. Adore.  Leopard.  Print.  It is the closest thing I have to a signature look.  I have nearly every garment and accessory you can imagine in this print and I genuinely believe it matches any color.  Some of my favorites to pair it with are red, navy blue to tone it down, olive green, pale pink and I like to layer it with browns and blacks.  I think it looks really cool with concert style t-shirts too (see former post, look #2:https://whimsingtongardens.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/frugal-fashion/).  It can be sexy, classy, feisty, punk…Leopard does what it wants.  We have that in common.

Army green, olive green, whatever you want to call it, pretty much speaks for itself.  Also in this family is camel and burnt orange..which all look phenomenol together as a matter of fact.  My favorite army green item is my skinny cargo pants.  If you have an outfit put together with jeans as the bottom, take away the jeans and add the skinny cargos and it’s an instantly fresher outfit.  Guaranteed.  If he cargos feel a little schluppy for you, definitely go for the skinny cut and consider rolling them up at the ankles ala Kim K and Vicoria Bekham above.

And maybe this one is extremely obvious…but I just love it so much that it can’t be overlooked:

Denim!!! Yaaay!  I swear I will wear it until I die and rock it anywhere with anyone! This doesn’t speak to my tactlessness but speaks for denim’s versatility…right?  Denim cut-offs for the beach, ripped jeans for the club, dark skinny denim for dinner out, a denim dress to go shopping, a chambray shirt for class…the options and combinations are absolutely limitless.

I hope the redefinition of neutral hues helps you to think outside your closet and mix it up a little this week!


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