My Next Mani

Compliments to FLOTUS Michelle Obama on her manicure at the DNC! Since my retirement from nail restrictive corporate America, I’ve been contemplating my first extreme (to me) nail adventure. The fact that my inspiration is coming from the First Lady speaks volumes to both the Freshness of her style… and perhaps the maturation of my own. My nails will be filed into an ovalish point versus her square, however.



My “Done List”

Today began as a day to consist of actual scheduled events, oh how quickly that changed. I woke up at 7 to prepare for a photoshoot scheduled for noon but the photographer canceled due to illness. No biggie, ish happens. So with a full face of makeup and a full cup of coffee I sat down to catch the morning news and was bombarded with apocalyptic Al Roker weather updates.

Canceled photoshoot face.

Those bits of cheer coupled with the branches banging on the roof and windows quickly made me rethink my afternoon plans to drive solo dolo to Charlotte.  Just like that, a day that was to be go go from 7am to midnight in another state turned into me plopped on my mom’s couch in pajamas and an ass load of makeup.  Now it’s almost midnight and I’m reflecting on what would look like a complete unproductive day. But I’ve decided to flip my perspective and instead of focusing on what didn’t get checked off of my to do list, I’m going to make a “done list”. Even if I didn’t plan on getting these things done today, they’re still done.

1. Nap a lot. Check.

Beauty Sleep

2. Feed brain via Netflix between naps. Check.

I watched all of these documentaries today. No lie…

Enlighten Up!

The New Medicine

Egypt: Secrets of the Pharoahs

What Are Dreams?



Stress:  Portrait of a Killer

And the best one of all….a fascinating film:

What the Bleep Do We Really Know?

Thats right, 8 movies. BUT they were educational.

3. Make homeade veggie pizza ( inspired by Sarah). Check.

Not an actual photo of my pizza. It would be cooler if it was.

4. Catch up with a great friend and make plans with her for later this week. Yup. Love you Jess!!!

5. Hang out with my mom and my dog. Check.

6. Write awesome blog update…. Almost check.

7. Hang out with my awesome extended family (ok, so technically this was yesterday)

Ian, Rachel, Philip and me. Love the fam.

Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe

If you’re in the Columbia, SC area or even just passing through, I highly recommend stopping by Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe (address and phone number listed in above advertisement).

I ate there for the second time today, and for the second time in a row thoroughly enjoyed my dining experience.  The restaurant is housed by a small, non descript if not for the African artwork displayed on the sidewalk, building right on Main Street.  The decor is throughly African with masks and statues displayed all about.  There is even an off-limits altar with tons of statues and artwork adorning it.  See below.

The delicious smells on entering the restaurant are a solid indication of the quality of the food.  It’s a simple set up really, you order at the counter, pay at the counter and your food is out to your table in a matter of minutes.  Seconds today, really.  I had mock curry chicken (no real meat, just mock meat), collard greens and yams.  It was so delicious!  The curry was a yellow curry sauce ladled onto the mock meat.  The collards had a definite kick to them and the yams were very fresh, not overly cooked or overly sweetened.  I always get water when I go to eat at Lamb’s Bread, as it is electrolyte water 😉  It really does taste more pure and healthy.  The food is a bit pricey, my plate was $11.  The owner, Khuruh explained to me that it’s because of the quality of ingredients and the careful measures and time that must be put into the proper preparation of vegan foods.  I’ll buy it!  Speaking of the owner, he is pictured with a customer below.   He is a great man and I am proud to call him my friend!

Overall highly recommended if you are looking to try something different.  The ambiance and food are certainly different from most you’ll run into around this area.  Exotic and eclectic to say the least.

Outfit Under $17…(excluding the shoes :)

In an attempt at modesty, I hate to say that I’m the best at anything.  But, I’m really really really good at putting together some outfits on the cheap.  It’s all in open-mindedness that leads to creativity, and Thrift Stores!  When you shop at thrift stores you have to be patient because there is so much crap to dig through, 98% of which you probably wouldn’t take for free.  Even when you do find something you like, you have to be careful not to buy it just because it’s really cheap.  If you only sort of like it when you buy it, you’re still going to sort of like it when you put it on to wear out.  Then you’re only going to sort of feel hot.  No thanks!  So…make sure you really want it.  Then buy it.  Feel really high because you just got something awesome (sometimes lots of awesome things) for a very small amount of money.  Once you get all of your stuff home and add it to the collection of other stuff, the fun really begins!  You get to mix and match all these different pieces and create so many different looks for so many different occasions.  So, I’m going to break down the above outfit into pieces and prices.  Yes, I’m completely telling on myself.  A lot of budget divas walking around want you to think their outfits cost like $500, but not me.  If it’s for the greater good, I’m bout it bout it.  And $15 or $500….I KNOW I’m flexin.  Ok, the anatomy of a thrift store outfit…minus the shoes.

My scarf is not a thrift find, it’s a teeny bopper mall store find:  $4

My shirt was stolen from my brother’s closet and reconstructed:  $Free

My sweater was from le thrift store:  $4.50

Favorite jeans so tight they might be leggings from le thrift store:  $8

Boom!  $16.50 Bi@tch.

For shoes, pair it with a pair of pumps that doesn’t quite match.  Like mine are a snake skin print that I purposely chose to clash/match with my scarf which is leopard print.  But the colors are the same!

Hope you like it and are inspired to save some money and mix up some outfits.  Unless you’re ballin.  In that case, give to charity.  Thanks!

Day 2 of No Meat and Day 9 of Oil Cleansing Method: Updates!

So, in light of previous mentioned conversations with some close friends who have gone either vegetarian or Vegan (my one friend has been Vegetarian for 42 years!) I’ve decided to give myself a 2 week, no meat challenge.  Today is day 2.  I went out to eat last night with friends and had salad, edamame and habachi veggies.  It really hasn’t been difficult at all so far.  Although, I have been having to write “no meat” on my hand with a marker so I remember my new-found experiment.  It would be easy to accidentally slip back into the habit in these first couple of days.  So far, I haven’t noticed any major differences in how I feel or look.  I do feel good about challenging myself with something new though.

OCM Update:  My skin is still responding beautifully to the oil cleansing method!  It’s clearer and more toned and well moisturized without being overly oily.  I will continue to update and still caution against trying this yourself unless you’re down to use yourself as a guinea pig.  I’m still sort of afraid of some skin backlash to come.  If everything’s still great after a month, I’ll give my go-ahead.